GameStop Will Honor Decade-Old Duke Nukem Preorders

Paul Lilly

There's a reason your mother was always telling you to clean your room as a kid and to keep your things organized. She was training you for times like this when, after waiting more than a decade for a game you preordered, you'd be able to waltz into your local GameStop with receipt in hand and get your copy before everyone else. Yes folks, GameStop is honoring those preorders from long ago, provided you held onto the necessary paperwork.

GameStop is currently accepting preorders for Duke Nukem Forever on the major platforms, and GamePro asked what would happen to all those poor souls who reserved their copy back when it was first announced.

"With a long-anticipated release like Duke Nukem Forever, we encourage customers who preordered more than a year ago to verify their reservation with their local store prior to launch," GameStop said. "Provided the customer has a receipt, we will honor even those preorders taken long ago. At this time, we expect that all preorder customers will receive Duke's Big Package at time of purchase, regardless of when the reservation was made."

You did hold onto your receipt, right?

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