GameStop to Sell Upgraded 500GB PlayStation 3 Console

Paul Lilly

It looks as though GameStop wants to get in the business of modding and selling upgraded game consoles. The used game retailer is said to soon be offering a 500GB refurbished PlayStation 3 "Supercharged" bundle that consists of taking a used PlayStation 3 slim console and installing a Western Digital Scorpio 500GB Blue hard drive.

According to Fudzilla , the upgrade effort and packaging will be handled by Recharged for GameStop. The upgraded hard drive will come pre-installed/formatted and ready to use, and the PS3 will sport a custom skin, media hub, remote, HDMI cable, and charging stand, all backed by a one-year warranty.

The bundle will sell for $399 online and in stores. That's a decent price for what you get, particularly with the one-year warranty, and we could see this being a popular seller. We could also see Sony being miffed at GameStop potentially cutting into sales of new consoles, although this isn't new territory for GameStop. The retailer also sellls modded PSP and PSP Go consoles.

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