GameStop to Bundle Free Games with Android Tablet PCs

Paul Lilly

GameStop is the place you go to for used game trade-ins, new titles, new and used hardware, accessories, and things of the sort, most of which are related to consoles (save for a sad one-sided rack of PC games). But would you buy a $400 or $500 Android tablet at GameStop? The brick-and-mortar chain is going to try to sell you one this coming holiday shopping season, with free games added to sweeten the pot.

According to The Wall Street Journal , GameStop's pilot program will see Asus, Acer, and Samsung built tablets land in some 200 U.S. locations. These devices will carry the same price tag as competing stores, but will come bundled with seven games. Two of these will include Dead Space and Madden NFL from Electronic Arts, and there will also be links to GameStop's "Kongregate Arcade" mobile app store and Android's App Market.

This is a relatively small test sample for GameStop, and if it proves successful, you can expect Android to invade all 6,500 U.S. locations next year.

Image Credit: Flickr Moe_

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