GameStop Stops Selling Deus Ex: Human Revolution After Being Caught Removing Coupons From New Copies

Brad Chacos

If you’re in the market for a copy of the awesome-looking Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you might want to pick it up pretty much anywhere but GameStop.  Square Enix, the publisher of the game, decided to include a coupon in the retail packaging of the PC version that allows you to play DXHR for free on Square’s OnLive gaming service. The problem is, GameStop plans on offering its own streaming gaming service soon and already doesn’t take kindly to competitors. The bigger problem is, GameStop began ripping open all the new copies of the game and yanking out the OnLive coupons.

Ars Technica reported the crappy practice yesterday and even included screenshots of an email from Josh Ivanoff, a Field Operations Manager with GameStop. In the email (shown above), Ivanoff says "Please immediately remove and discard the On Live coupon from all regular PC versions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Our desire is to not have this coupon go to any customers after this announcement."

When questioned by Ars, GameStop’s spokeswoman confirmed the coupon removal. The backlash across the Internet was intense and immediate. GameStop’s response? They’ve now pulled all copies of the regular PC edition of Human Revolution from the store shelves . That’s right – you can’t buy the PC version of DXHR at GameStop now. Every single copy will be sent back to Square Enix and replaced with a new, coupon-less version, freebies to customers be damned.

If you want to score a boxed copy that still includes the code for the free OnLive version – or just want to tell GameStop with your dollars that nobody likes a jerk – be sure to pick up Deus Ex: Human Revolution somewhere else.

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