GameStop Stocking Up on iOS Devices, Will Take Yours on Trade

Paul Lilly

GameStop is now accepting trade-ins for your used iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices, and there's only one logical explanation as to why. The used game dealer is planning to sell these gadgets, and according to one media outlet, GameStop announced as much recently at an annual trade show in Las Vegas.

According to , GameStop is gearing up to sell Apple's entire lineup of iOS devices, though it's unclear if the videogame store will only sell used models or get its hands on new devices as well. What we do know is that GameStop is accepting used trade-ins for iOS devices right now.

"Did you know that GameStop now buys your old iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices? Trade them in at GameStop for in-store credit," reads a pitch on a GameStop landing page . "Perfect for trading toward games, accessories, systems, and more. Bring in your old iPod, iPhone, or iPad and a Game Advisor can assist you. Plus, you'll score PowerUp Rewards points on every item traded."

None of the items are yet listed in GameStop's online inventory so it's anyone's guess as to how much these used item will fetch. Whatever -- the real question is, why iOS devices? That's been the topic of some speculation, and ITWorld has a few theories. One of them is that GameStop is getting ready to launch a streaming game service similar to OnLive and will tie all this in to an upcoming Bluetooth controller that pairs with iOS devices.

Whatever the reason, if you have any used mobile Apple gear laying around, here's one more way to cash in outside of eBay and Craigslist.

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