Gamestop Outs Pink PlayStation 3 Controller

Paul Lilly

Elvis had a pink Cadillac, the delicious treat known as cotton candy is traditionally pink, and come September 21, 2010, you can show that you're a real gamer with a pink PlayStation DualShock 3 wireless controller.

The rumored controller is all but confirmed thanks to a pre-order page on Gamestop's website. And in case you're wondering who would want such a thing, Gamestop says "the stylish Candy Pink Dual Shock 3 wireless controller is perfect for female gamers and households with kids." Or as a complimentary accessory to go with your "Real Men Wear Pink" T-shirt.

The Candy Pink controller costs $55, the same as every other official PS3-manufactured controller runs, including blue, black, white, silver, and red.

Pink Controller Product Page
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Image Credit: Gamestop

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