Gamestop Now Accepting Nintendo 3DS Preorders

Paul Lilly

According to several online reports, the much anticipated Nintendo 3DS handheld console is now available for preorder through Gamestop.

"Okay well I got the OK to tell about this from my work, but we officially got word in that all U.S. based Gamestop stores will be taking reserves on the 3DS starting on the 26th," a Gamestop employee posted on NeoGAF's forums. "Depending on the place holder price you will be required to drop a minimum of $25 on a reserve."

It appears preorders can only be placed in-store and not online. If you try to place one and the Gamestop employee looks at you funny, politely ask them to punch SKU number 020132 into their computer and you should be golden.

Still no word on how much the 3DS will cost or when exactly it will ship (look for a March release date), but be prepared to drop up to $50 for a preorder.

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