GameStop and Amazon Claim PC Mirror's Edge Slipping into 2009

Nathan Grayson

Allow us to paint you a picture: It's non-denominational politically correct holiday morning. You burst free from beneath your covers, quivering from a mix of the wintery chill meandering through your room and sheer, unbridled excitement. With each successive footfall, your speed builds; the world around you is a blur. Chairs, tables, and boxes impede your path, but it's no matter -- you've been practicing . Bathed in the glow of your fireplace, you shatter the brightly colored paper that encases your gift.

However, within the box's ruins, you find only a small scrap of paper. Obviously composed by your parents, it tells you to check Maximum PC for the sad truth that sullied what should've been your finest day. According to your parents' note, the MPC post is dated 9/16/08.

After hurriedly booting up your PC and searching the article, your eyes shift immediately to a bolded bit of text near the middle of the page. " GameStop's website now lists Mirror's Edge PC's release date as January 6, 2009 ," it reads. " Additionally, Amazon users who preordered the title have also been notified that the game will be launching on that day. "

Disheartened, but willing to wait, you decide to read the rest of the article to pass the time. But the article -- its contents -- seem a little too accurate, you soon realize as your eyes grow wide.

We know everything about you, unsuspecting reader from Applewood, Colorado. Your past, future, and present are an open book -- a brittle-paged tome for our amusement. You can't escape; we will always know where you are.

So, lunch tomorrow?

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