GameSpy to Discontinue Multiplayer Services May 31st

Sean D Knight

Hundreds of games to be affected

GameSpy Technology has announced that it is suspending its services on May 31st on its website. Currently owned by Glu Mobile, the company provided multiplayer and matchmaking services for a multitude of games from developers and publishers such as Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Activision, and Bohemia Interactive.

“Effective May 31, 2014 GameSpy will cease providing all hosted services for all games still using GameSpy,” the statement reads . “Thanks for a great ride!”

The announcement has affected many developers and publishers with IPs that use GameSpy’s services. On its official forums , Bohemia Interactive addressed the issue saying, “This is going to affect multiplayer in our games that use Gamespy for matchmaking, cd keys authentification, and NAT traversal from Arma: Resistance to Arma 3. We are planning to introduce an alternative solution using Steam to Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and Arma 3 users.”

Games developer and hardware manufacturer Nintendo had already announced, back in February, that it would cease its Wi-Fi services for the DS and Wii. Both devices had used GameSpy’s server and matchmaking services, unlike the company’s current 3DS and Wii U that uses Nintendo’s own in-house system.

Other companies with games that will be affected by the shutdown include SEGA, Capcom, Rockstar Games, Volition, and Namco Bandai when May 31st rolls around.

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