Games for Windows Live Marketplace is Shutting Down

Paul Lilly

Spend those Microsoft Points while you still can

Mark August 22, 2013 on your calendar. That's the day Microsoft will permanently retire the PC Marketplace on, effectively ending the sale of Games for Windows Live titles, the company confirmed . Microsoft is encouraging gamers with a Microsoft Points balance to go ahead and spend those Points prior to the change. However, even though the purchase functionality will be discontinued, your previously purchased games and DLC won't disappear.

"Microsoft continues to support the Games for Windows Live platform," Microsoft said in a statement. "You can continue to enjoy previously purchased games and downloadable content in your catalog by downloading them through the Games for Windows Live client. Although purchase functionality will be discontinued through this marketplace, the Games for Windows Live service will continue to operate as usual."

Closing the PC Marketplace is part of a planned Xbox 360 system update that will convert Microsoft Points into local currency. When that happens, Microsoft ensures users who have a balance will receive "equal or greater" than the Marketplace value.

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