GameMaxx Hydrating Game Controller is Hilariously Ludicrous

Paul Lilly

Stuck on a gift idea for that special gamer in your life? We'll be posting a geek gift guide in the near future, but until then, consider the GameMaxx Hydrating Game Controller . What the flip is a hydrating game controller, you ask? It's exactly what it sounds like, assuming your idea of such a device is a giant controller about the size of a phonebook with a 5 amp adjustable fan and mister built in. Oh, and did we mention it holds up to a gallon of gaming refreshments?

Fully loaded, the GameMaxx purportedly weighs eight pounds, but don't worry, it has a built-in neck strap for easy access to all the buttons. Sounds abso-friggin-lutely absurd, doesn't it? That's precisely the idea!

"An enormous game controller like the GameMaxx is ridiculous," says Arik Nordby, Creative Director at 30 Watt, makers of the gag gift. "We didn't really create an eight-pount gaming controller; we created another PrankPack. A genuine fake gift box."

So basically, it's a themed cardboard box to hide your real gift inside, and arguably a brilliant idea. And while you're at it, why not drop a phoney lottery ticket inside?

Just to reiterate, the controller itself is definitely not real, but the quirky (and empty) box is. It's available now for $8 each, or in packs of 3 for $20 or packs of 6 for $40. Gullible gamer not included.

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