Game Peripheral Maker SteelSeries Acquires Ideazon of Zboard Fame


Denmark-based gaming peripheral manufacturer SteelSeries has acquired Ideazon - a leading North American player in the gaming accessories space, it announced today. Ideazon’s range of gaming gear is known as Precision Gaming Tools and is most certainly headlined by its Zboard gaming keyboards that can be customized for a certain game using game-specific keysets. Both companies have a global presence in the gaming accessories market but are strategically different from each other.

SteelSeries’s products are all aimed at professional gamers unlike Ideazon’s peripherals that are made keeping in mind all ilks of gamers. It supports around 1,200 professional gaming competitions and 200 professional gaming outfits across the globe.

The acquisition should give SteelSeries a strategic depth that it didn’t previously enjoy. It will not only have access to an entirely different market – relatively casual in nature - but also benefit greatly from Ideazon’s strategic partnerships with leading game publishers and developers including Activision Blizzard, Eidos Interactive, Electronic Arts, Sony Online Entertainment, Nvidia and Microsoft Game Studios.

We spoke with Kim Rom, head of communications at SteelSeries, about the acquisition:

MaximumPC:  Who approached the other company first in this transaction?

Kim Rom: The two companies met and quickly realized there were a number of synergies.

MPC: Why is this acquisition a good idea for SteelSeries and Ideazon?

KR: SteelSeries is firmly committed to helping grow eSports and the overall competitive gaming community. We work with more professional gaming teams than any other company on the planet, which impacts what our product look and feel like. That philosophy was shared by Ideazon, while their execution was different. The combination of the two companies creates a new entity, that is well positioned to help grow competitive gaming, both professional and non-professional, on both PC and console platforms. The combined company now has significant penetration of all of the major gaming markets and ties with most of the key gaming ecosystem players around the globe whether they be hardware, software, teams and communities, or events. We look forward to bringing these assets and partnerships together to bring new innovative products, events, and opportunities that will further the growth of the overall gaming community.

MPC: How will Ideazon be integrated into SteelSeries? How long will Ideazon products remain for sale?

KR: The integration process has begun and we are excited about the skills and capabilities the new company will have. In regards to the products already on the market from Ideazon we are working closely with the channel partners on this. What is important is that we see a path to bring these skills and capabilities together to create a combined portfolio, that we believe will have the depth and breadth to give competitive gamers the choices they want.

MPC: Will existing Ideazon customers still be able to get support for their products?

KR: Oh totally. Absolutely. They will continue to receive support, something we have no plans to change.

MPC: What Ideazon technologies will you plan on integrating with future SteelSeries products?

KR: I could answer that right now and give you a vague answer, so I would honestly prefer to answer a little later down the road. Please give us time to work out the new portfolio, then we will be in a position to show (rather than just talk about) what we will deliver.

MPC: What can gamers expect from SteelSeries in the coming months?

KR: We are working on a couple of really interesting projects, one of them will be announced very soon. It will be a first of its kind-kindda thing, and I think gamers will be really (pleasantly) surprised when they see it. Both because its something that no one have really done before, but also because its something that will actually make a performance impact for the gamers we are targeting. And if reveal anything else right now, my boss would probably kill me in a very painful and slow kindda way. Literally.

Image Credit: TechPowerUp

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