Game Fans Line in Japan for Nintendo 3DS Launch

Paul Lilly

Nintendo's 3DS handheld console is a hit, at least in Japan where customers waited in line to purchase the next-generation game player, Bloomberg reports . There were around 2,000 anxious gamers waiting outside Yodobashi Camera Co.'s store in Akihabara, Tokyo, all wanting to get their mitts on the console that had sold-out on preorder and at other electronics stores. Fans had begun lining up 10PM the night before it went on sale.

"I already have the previous DS and PSP, but the 3DS graphics are so vivid and deep that I just had to buy it," said Sachiyo Suma, a 21-year-old system engineer. "I can't wait to go home and play."

The 3DS console will go on sale in Europe on March 25th and then in the U.S. on March 27, Obviously Nintendo's hoping for a similar reception in both markets, where the console will sell for $250.

"The success will hinge on whether they can capture core gamer audience and whether they can maintain the friendly disposition of third-party developers," said Etsuko Tamura, a Tokyo-based analyst at Mizuho Investors.

Are you planning on picking up a 3DS when it goes on sale next month?

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