Game Changing Google Play Gift Cards Exposed Online

Paul Lilly

One advantage Apple users have had over their Google brethren is the ability to stock up on iTunes currency in the form of gift cards, which make great stocking stuffers and birthday gifts for anyone wielding an iOS device. At long last, it looks as though Google has finally gotten on the ball with gift cards of its own, redeemable in the Google Play store (formerly known as Android Market).

Pictures of what appear to be legitimate Google Play gift cards popped up on Android Central in blurry, shrink wrapped glory (why is it that leaked photos are almost always of crappy quality?). They show $10 and $25 currencies with "Music, Movies, Books, Apps, & More" plastered along the bottom.

The sultan of search hasn't officially announced or confirmed the existence of Google Play gift cards, so there's no official word on what other currencies will be availalbe, what stores you'll be able to find them, and when they'll be available. Even with all the unanswered questions, this is something every Android fan should be excited about.

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