Galaxy Nexus Up for Pre-Order Tomorrow, Says New Report

Ryan Whitwam

This is the story that will not die. When will the US variant of the Galaxy Nexus launch? According to a new investigation by ComputerWorld , pre-orders are happening tomorrow (November 29) and the device will be coming out on December 8th. This jives with earlier rumors, but how official is this “confirmed” information?

ComputerWorld arrived at this conclusion after hearing from a few readers that had been in contact with Verizon Customer Service in recent days. All told much the same tale. In addition to the device being up for pre-order tomorrow, ComputerWorld claims the $199 launch price is all but confirmed. We find this part much more dubious.

The European Galaxy Nexus dropped a few weeks ago and received mostly positive reviews. The US edition will be exclusive to Verizon and will be packing LTE 4G data. Anyone out there have the credit card at the ready?

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