Galaxy GTX 780 Hall of Fame Edition Stripped Naked and Photographed

Paul Lilly

Ooh la la!

We don't know when Galaxy's GeForce GTX 780 Hall of Fame (HOF) Edition graphics card will set foot in retail, but while we patiently wait for it to land, there are pics and specs to drool over. These aren't blurry pictures either, but high-quality shots of the card stripped down to its white PCB. What you're looking at is an engineering sample that's supposedly 95 percent complete.

The pictures were posted to Chinese language website , giving gawkers a close-up and personal view of the card Galaxy had on display at Computex 2013. It's an impressive looking slice of silicon with a 10-phase power design and 12 Tantalum capacitors tightly packed in a column towards the back. You can also spy a dozen lower-profile ESR solid capacitors, which offer 33.3 percent reduced power consumption.

Overclockers will have a field day with this one. There are two 8-pin auxiliary power connectors to make sure it has enough juice when overclocking, and also a BIOS switch button visible on the I/O panel.

Give the pictures a glance and don't forget to wipe your chin afterward.

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