Futuremark's PCMark Benchmark Headed to Mobile Platforms

Paul Lilly

PCMark is on the move

Serving as yet another sign that mobile platforms are here to stay, Futuremark announced that it plans to port its PCMark benchmark over to Android, iOS, and Windows RT. Like its Windows counterpart, the mobile version will feature benchmark tests based on real-world use scenarios, though they'll be geared toward activities that smartphone and tablet owners perform on a daily basis. It will also examine battery life.

PCMark mobile is still being developed, and with that in mind, Futuremark is inviting mobile manufactures to join its Benchmark Development Program (BDP). Those who become members will have input at each stage of the benchmark development process, and will receive regular builds and site licenses along the way.

The program is likely to attract some major names. As a point of reference, the PCMark Windows BDP is served by Acer, AMD, Compal, Condusiv Technologies, Dell, HGST, HP, INtel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Nvidia, Samsung, SanDisk, Seagate, and Western Digital.

Futuremark didn't say when it hopes to have PCMark fully ported to mobile.

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