Futuremark Launches Servermark Software for Benchmarking Servers

Paul Lilly

Benchmark and compare server performance

The folks at Futuremark offer a ton of popular benchmarking applications for desktop PCs and mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, though noticeably missing is any kind of server benchmark. Futuremark is attempting to tie up that loose end by announcing Servermark, a new and comprehensive benchmarking tool for x86-based servers running Linux . According to Futuremark, it will be especially suitable for testing virtual machines.

Servermark will offers up a variety of benchmark tests for web servers, file servers , database servers, and other common server use cases, Futuremark says. It's currently being developed in partnership with hardware companies, an approach Futuremark has taken with several of its other benchmark software such as 3DMark.

"Servermark will offer IT professionals an accurate and reliable benchmark for evaluating real-world server performance in enterprise and business environments. Servermark will be the ideal complement to PCMark and Powermark, expanding our range of enterprise solutions for businesses of all sizes," says Oliver Baltuch, Futuremakr's President.

Companies that join the Servermark Benchmark Development Program will be able to provide input at all states of development. They'll also receive regular development builds and complimentary site licenses for Servermark.

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