Futuremark Delays PCMark 7 Benchmark to Stomp Out Minor Bug

Paul Lilly

For those of who you were counting the days until May 3, 2011 and planned on benchmarking your newly built machine with Futuremark's soon-to-be-released PCMark 7 suite this week, you'll have to bide your time just a little while longer. Futuremark sent us a note this morning letting us know it's decided to delay the launch "by a few days" as it works with hardware companies to iron out an unspecified issue.

"Futuremark benchmarks are developed in cooperation with many of the world's leading hardware and technology companies including AMD, Compal, Dell, Hitachi, HP, Intel, Nvidia, Samsung, SanDisk, Seagate, and Western Digital," Futuremark said in an email. "These companies help us perfect our benchmarks, running each development build through their expert testing facilities to improve performance, relevance, and accuracy of the software.

"This testing has identified an issue that we would like to fix before release. Fortunately, it looks like a simple matter, but making any changes to the software at this point also necessitates a further round of testing with our industry partners which takes time."

PCMark 7 will ship in three editions , including PCMark 7 Basic (free), PCMark 7 Advanced ($40), and PCMark 7 Professional ($995). The free edition offers unlimited runs of the main PCMark test suite, the ability to browser, search, and compare results online, as well as store one result online. Ponying up for the Advanced edition unlocks the entire suite and offers a more robust online feature-set, while the Professional edition includes command line automation and priority support.

Image Credit: Futuremark

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