Futuremark Adds Android to Its To-Do List for 3DMark Benchmark

Paul Lilly

Just two weeks after announcing the development of a new 3DMark benchmark for Windows 8, Futuremark says its team of programmers are also hard at work on a version for Android slated for 2012. 3DMark for Android (working title) will push out results that will be comparable with 3DMark for Windows 8 (also a working title), no small feat when you're dealing with two entirely different platforms.

"Since 1998, the PC industry has relied on 3DMark to accurately measure gaming hardware performance. In 2012 we will bring 3DMark to the Android platform with a professional grade benchmark that can be trusted by manufacturers, suppliers and vendors to provide the definitive measure of gaming performance on Android while showcasing the very best in real-time graphics and effects," said Jukka Mäkinen , CEO of Futuremark.

3DMark for Android will measure gaming performance using rendering, CPU, and physics tests. It will have real-time graphics that aim to push the OpenGL ES API "to the limit." Like other versions of 3DMark, the Android build will include a complementary online service to compare results between device.

Development is still in the early stages and Futuremark is inviting Android device manufacturers to join its Benchmark Development Program (BDP) to help shape the upcoming benchmark specification. Companies who join will have access to regular development builds for evaluation and receive discounted site license pricing, Futuremark said.

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