Fusion Garage Drops Pre-Order Price of Grid 10 Tablet by $200

Ryan Whitwam

When Fusion Garage announced the Grid 10 tablet at $499, most potential buyers had a little chuckle. In the wake of the TouchPad fire sale and the massive success of the iPad 2, that price seemed far too high. Today Fusion Garage has dropped the price of pre-orders by $200 to a mere $299 for the 10-inch slate.

The Grid 10 is going to be running an operating system built on Android, but won’t be an official Google device. That means no Market access, and no Google apps. Amazon is still selling pre-orders at the higher price, but we assume this will all get worked out before the device launches; if it launches.

Fusion Garage says that the price was always intended to be $299, but due to negotiations with an OEM, they could not advertise the lower price until now. Additionally, the release date has been pushed back to October 1 because of new Adobe Flash certification requirements.

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