Funky ErgoMotion Mouse Swivels, Purportedly Promotes Hand Health

Paul Lilly

Does your wrist feel sore after an extended computing session? If so, it's probably a sign that your'e spending too much time on your PC. Or maybe you need a new mouse, one that conforms to your wrist movements rather than the other way around.

That's the general idea behind SmartFish Technologies' new ErgoMotion Mouse. SmartFish is billing this device as the world's first laser mouse to feature a patented swivel mechanism for fluid movement, which supposedly allows the nimble rodent to adapt to the user's hand.

"When using a static mouse, the hand, wrist, and arm are confined to a fixed position that limits natural movements and forces robotic gestures which strains your tendons and ligaments causing pain and discomfort over time," said Dr. Jack Atzmon , President and CEO of SmartFish Technologies. "The ErgoMotion Mouse adapts to your natural movements and provides the most unique and healthy computing experience to date."

The ErgoMotion Mouse doesn't discriminate against left and right handed users, nor does it care if you roll with a Mac or PC. And at $50, it won't obliterate your wallent, at least compared to those high-end mice that approach the three-digit mark. Unlike those other high-priced rodents, however, this one isn't aimed at gamers.

The ErgoMotion Mouse is available now direct from SmartFish.

YouTube Demo

Image Credit: SmartFish

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