Fujitsu Launches Lifebook E544 and E554 at Business Users

Paul Lilly

A pair of purpose-built laptops with interchangeable parts

Fujitsu is hoping to win over IT admins and business users with a couple of new enterprise-class E Series Lifebooks . They include the 14-inch Lifebook E544 and 15.6-inch Lifebook E554, each of which sport "numerous" interchangeable components intended to help IT admins manage large-scale roll outs by simplifying maintenance and management when things go wrong (or upgrades are needed).

"Rolling out and maintaining hundreds to thousands of notebooks in an enterprise environment can be challenging for IT professionals," said Kevin Wrenn , senior vice president, Fujitsu America, Inc. "Fujitsu is dedicated to helping its customers reduce enterprise costs and time through the optimization of their ICT systems from end to end, and the new Lifebook E Series notebooks, which are all purpose-built with interchangeable parts, helps fulfill this mission."

Both systems feature 4th Generation Intel Core i3/i5 processor options. They're also both equipped with the same port replicator, as well as shared components and accessories, like some modular bay elements. By making the parts interchangeable, Fujitsu says it's easier for businesses to deploy different size laptops without having to maintain a bunch of different corporate images of software or keep track of a wealth of drivers.

No word yet on price or availability.

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