Fujitsu Intros Tiny Cross-Platform Scanner, ScanSnap S1300

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If you got a jones-ing for portable scanning, Fujitsu has got just the thing: the ScanSnap S1300 Mobile Scanner. This compact and lightweight device has a long list of features and, best of all, is designed to be used on-the-go.

The S1300 checks in at 3.1 pounds, and is 11.2 inches across. It offers duplex scanning, up to eight pages per minute at 300dpi for color and 600dpi for grayscale. It can work with documents as small as business cards and as long as 34-inches. The sheet feeder will accommodate up to ten pages, with double-sided pages automatically handled.

The S1300’s software, which is both Mac and PC ready, allows output to searchable PDFs, Word and Excel documents, and content management software, such as Entourage or ACT! You can also dump output straight to email.

While the S1300 comes with a power adapter, it's capable of being truly portable by connecting it to two USB ports: one for data and one for power. But, this USB option slows scanning down by about half .

The S1300 will be available from Fujitsu’s online store and authorized resellers, and will cost $295.

Image Credit: Fujitsu

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