Fujitsu Bringing 'World's First Truly Wireless PC Display' to CeBIT 2011

Pulkit Chandna

CeBIT 2011 gets underway in Hannover, Germany tomorrow (March 1). While the main focus of the event is information and communications technology (ICT) and not consumer electronics, the five-day expo will nevertheless feature a few consumer electronics innovations. One such innovation you might not want to miss is a 22-inch display that Fujitsu claims is the “world’s first truly wireless PC display.”

Fujitsu’s wireless display prototype features a wireless power technology, called SUPA (Smart Universal Power Access), developed by The Fraunhofer Institute  et al as part of a project backed by the German government. According to the company, the displays draw power from a transmitter antenna via magneto-induction.  The image from a computer can also be fed to the “park and play” monitor wirelessly using wireless USB, which has a maximum range of 10 meters.

“We are planning to introduce the first models incorporating totally wireless power technology to our LED-backlit display range within the next year,” said Rajat Kakar , Senior Vice President Workplace Systems at Fujitsu Technology Solutions.

“This is another technology innovation from Fujitsu, following on from our 0-Watt PCs and displays. In operation, there’s no difference in quality from the desktop image – except that we’ve consigned cables to the history books of display technology.”

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