Fujifilm X20 Review



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I've been suffering with just a smartphone camera for far too long. I could definitely use this, especially since I abhor the "hold the camera at arms length" to get a picture that a phone mandates.


Camera Geek

The X20 is an excellent camera to learn photography, you made a good choice. You can always get a better camera later but your knowledge and experience will always be more important than the camera you use.




I can finally retire my Fuji Finepix S602! This 3MP camera has been with me for past 10 years because it can take photos that a smartphone camera can't do very well. The X20 covers most of the features I use in the ol' S602 but in a smaller and retro-looking package



I really need a new camera. Thanks for the review.


John Pombrio

Phonecams just don't do adverse lighting conditions well. Darken a room and you get a bad picture, flash or no.



"Nevertheless, there’s still a place for a good compact camera. Although most snapshooters may be satisfied with a phonecam’s sheer simplicity, enthusiasts still prefer the manual controls, bigger image sensors, lower noise, better lenses, faster response, and higher-quality results that are possible with a camera designed to be a camera, not a phone. Some photographers also prefer the option of composing with an eye-level viewfinder in addition to an LCD screen. Likewise, some folks prefer to build their own computers instead of buying a prefab PC, and others prefer the Linux command line to Windows 8. It’s an enthusiast thing. You either get it or you don’t."

Best paragraph!