FujiFilm Z700EXR Digital Camera Perfect for Pet Owners

Paul Lilly

FujiFilm's Z700EXR digital camera was first announced about a month ago , but one feature that has been overlooked is its animal face recognition. Looking to give the feature its due, FujiFilm has been demonstrating the camera's canine (and feline) facial recognition at this week's Camera and Photo Image Show in Yokohama, Japan.

FujiFilm used stuffed toy dogs and cats to show off the camera's capabilities, which works just like face detection for humans. It can detect up to 10 faces of dogs or cats and automatically optimize the focus, but as it turns out, recognizing the real deal is a bit harder than stuffed animals. With that in mind, FujiFilm has put together a list of cat and dog breeds that are easier to identify than others.

There are other pitfalls, primarily "dogs or cats that are constantly in motion cannot be recognized." But the technology also gets confuzzled with dark coats, large patches of fur around the eyes, or a wrinkly nose.

Still, if you're a pet owner intent on filling up your Flickr account with pictures of Fido, the $280 FijiFilm Z700EXR might be the best game in town.

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