Nathan Edwards Jun 25, 2008

FujiFilm F40fd

At A Glance

The Fugees

Solid construction; 2.5-inch LCD; takes SD and xD memory cards.

Food Fight

Sluggish shot-to-shot performance; no image stabilization.

If you are all about achieving the highest possible image quality (even at the expense  of other features), Fuji’s F40fd is the camera in this roundup for you.

Images were noticeably sharper and slightly more vivid—with less noise at high ISO speeds—than those produced by the other cameras reviewed here. You can expect to get nice 5x7 prints at 800 ISO. This quality comes with a bit of a performance trade-off, as the F40 was more sluggish in shot-to-shot performance, and the 3-second startup time is nearly twice as slow as that of the other cameras reviewed here. And unfortunately, the F40 does not offer optical image-stabilization.

Like the 780 and W80, the F40 has effective face-detection. However, unlike those two cameras, the F40’s may be used in playback mode as well—you can use it to take a quick look at up to 10 faces in a picture to make sure no one has their eyes closed or is sticking out their tongue.

Of the three cameras tested here, the F40 has the most solid-feeling construction. And the 2.5-inch LCD was the nicest, too. And, the F40 also lets you use both SD and xD memory cards.

Unfortunately, slow performance and the lack of image stabilization mar what is otherwise a very solid camera.v


FujiFilm F40fd

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