FTC Warns that Copiers Hold Your Data Hostage

Ryan Whitwam

A word to the wise, that innocuous looking copier in the corner of the office might be out to share your personal data with an unscrupulous lot. The good news is that the FTC has your back . Data security when it comes to digital copiers is a blind spot, even in many IT departments. FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz made it clear in a recent letter that the agency was looking into the problem, and was starting an educational campaign to inform users of the danger.

These machines have hard drives that store the images scanned into them. If not properly secured, anyone can log in and retrieve the documents. The letter was sent to US Representative Markey in the wake of a CBS investigation that found used copiers often have personal data on the hard drives.

Have you made any copies at work you now wish you hadn't? Let us (and the IT department) know if you can access the data on your office copiers.

Image via Flickr user Jpl3k

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