FTC Allows Intel to Ship Oak Trail without PCI-Express Support

Paul Lilly

A new agreement with the FTC settles antitrust complaints against Intel and paves the way for the world's largest chip maker to ship its Oak Trail Atom platform without the required PCI Express interface, eWeek reports .

The original complaint dates back to December 2009, in which the FTC alleged that Intel abused its position as a market leader to bully the competition from doing business with AMD, VIA, and Nvidia by offering special discounts and rebates. Intel was also accused of altering some technologies in order to hinder performance of AMD products. Intel eventually reached a settlement with the FTC, which included a provision that the chip maker had to implement the PCI Express interface in all chips for at least six years.

Since Intel began developing Oak Trail before the settlement was in place, the FTC is granting an exception to the PCI Express clause, at least until June 2013. After that, all future versions must support the spec.

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