Frozen Synapse Review



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It just doesn't "look" like a $25 value.



I hate it when people comment on the article after reading a random 5 sentences from it.

If you'd learned anything at all about this game, either from the article or other descriptions on the internet, you'd realize that this game doesn't boast complex options or good graphics; instead, it focuses on good but deceptively simple gameplay mechanics.


Brad Nimbus

I hate it when someone states their opinion then gets dumped on for it. Face it, it looks like a cellphone game and regardless of how you or the article feels about this game won't change that fact. Fuck people on the internet can be serious assholes. Imagine if these boards were like being in a large room, all of us are in there talking and some clown comes in calling people stupid or noobs (reference to another childish flame war here) its funny because most likely that person would get a smack in the mouth.

Thanks for a good review Maximumpc the next time this game is on sale on steam I'll for sure be picking it up.



This is one hella fun game and Steam has it on sale regularly.  I also wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.



Likewise. It's a great little game that's surprisingly fun and addictive. I went out on a limb and bought Frozen Synapse when it was on sale on Steam and I'm glad I did.

Another thing to note is the game's soundtrack. It's just as unique and beautiful as the game itself and can also purchased via Steam.