Freshly Baked Raspberry Pi Model B+ Emerges From the Oven with More USB Ports, Improved Audio



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While the concept of Raspberry Pi is awesome for the hardware techs, the price doesn't justify the performance. I own multiple Android sticks from the cheap one to the expensive ones. For example, a 3 year old MK808 dual core has better performance and it is only $40. A minix has quad core and more noticeable increase in performance especially playing HD videos at ~$120, both play HD well using custom rom. I always had issues with raspberry pi with xbmc playing hd videos.



What I love about these boards are the GPIO pins that let you do "real things" with them. I really wish they had more power, though, which leads me to the question-"do GPIO boards exist in a PCIe formfactor?" I'd love something that gave me about a hundred outputs to flip switches and such with.



No. You can buy USB breakout boards like but there's no PCIe GPIO module for PC computers. And honestly GPIO based applications on a PC are overkill. And not like using a Titan Z to run an 5 year old game, it's like using a Titan Z to run a CGA game.

Besides that, you can't also just plug in a GPIO to say a light switch and expect to turn it on and off. There may be signalling requirement hoops to go through (a USB based GPIO may only deliver 5V, which may or may not be enough to say flip a relay).


John Pombrio

There are so many iterations of cheap computers on a board that it boggles the mind. And all of them are increasing in power year by year. Arduino Zero will have a board coming out, doubling it's power. NVidia is getting into the market with it's Jetson TK1 board with 192 CUDA cores and a quad ARM chip.