French Copyright Cops Feeling Overwhelmed

Ryan Whitwam

France instituted a controversial “three-strikes” law earlier this year and according to some numbers release by Hadopi, the agency that implements the system, they’re getting swamped .  More than 18 million copyright complaints have been filed since the system was opened up to content owners.

With that huge volume of work, the ISPs have only managed to get about 470,000 notices sent out to users. 20,000 or so of those are second notices, and just about 10 users have gotten their third strike. After the third strike, a user can experience serious penalties under the law, including disconnection from the Internet, and prosecution.

Part of the issue is that ISPs have to sort out who was assigned an IP address during a particular time the infringement was noted. Hadopi has only passed the IPs for 1 million complaints to ISPs, though. Of the processed notices, 7% of users responded to the first notice, and 15% to the second. Reportedly, most users didn’t understand the software they were using was p2p. American ISPs might want to take some notes on this mess before the US “graduated response” system kicks in.

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