Freeware Files: 5 "Apps" for Audio Amateurs and Enthusiasts!


Are you ready to rock?  I should hope so.  I'm giving your hands a rest and your ears a workout this week, for none of the apps in the ol' "freeware roundup" this time around are actually downloadable.  That's right.  Zero.  After you read this, you will spend the course of your week installing absolutely nothing.

So what, then, am I profiling in this roundup?  Dust?  Nope.  Rock.  Every single Web app in this collection is specifically geared toward an audio pursuit of some kind.  I'll show you apps you can use--through the comfort of whatever browser you'd like--to both create music and find new music to jam to.  If you want to go worldly, I'll show you how to find the latest music streams from all over the world.

That's not all, however, for not everything audio-related has to involve music.  The other two cool Web apps in this week's roundup center on audio usability.  One lets you edit files online as if you were rocking an offline audio editor, and the other lets you craft up a message to your friends that will be read by one of those lovely, synthetic computer voices we've all come to know and love.

So that's that.  It's audio week in the Freeware Files--even though you won't have to download a single executable to reap the benefits of these awesome finds!


Nothing says, "thanks a lot, bro," like receiving a message, full of insults, being read to you by a synthetic computer voice.  At least, that's the first thing I would think of to do after stumbling across Blindspeak.  But in all sincerity, this Web app is the perfect thing to use when you want to send a loving note to your elderly grandparents / lazy friends who, for whatever reason, aren't down with the text, yo.

"Download" it here !


Sometimes, you just need to get your hands on an audio editor real-quick, but you just don't have the permissions (or time) to install something like Audacity.  That's where Myna comes to save the day.  This super-handy Web app lets you import (or record) audio and perform basic tasks like trimming, shuffling, and multitracking your selections.  You can fiddle around with a  few different effects--delays, equalizers, et cetera--in an Acid-like environment. It's not a perfect replacement for the power of an offline editor, but I have no complaints!

"Download" it here !


Finding new music or audio streams to listen to can be difficult, especially if you're trying to make sense of the lists, upon lists, upon never-ending lists of possible online stations and/or streaming sites on today's Web.  Yikes.  Antenna attempts to reduce this cacophony a wee bit by combing a list of online radio stations with an easy-to-navigate global map. Not only can you narrow down your search by country or genre, but you can also rate your favorites for easy access at a later time.

And, yes, this is an Adobe AIR app, so I suppose it's not a true Web app per se.  Close enough, eh?

Download it here !

We Are Hunted

Want new music to listen to?  Unsure of where you're going to find the latest-and-greatest jams that are popular in "the scene" before they hit the top-40 charts?  We Are Hunted is an awesome site for getting yourself more invested in music that's cool before it becomes... cool.  Click on a band and title to stream the track.  If you like it, you can buy it, add it to a personal chart, or otherwise share it with friends.  The service itself determines popularity based on a crazy algorithm that considers blog posts, mainstream press, and other popularity-driven places to determine the 99 daily songs that are, simply, "cool."

"Download" it here !


Here we go.  Audiotool is a crazy, feature-packed Web app for creating your own music from the ground up.  And I'm not just talking about some cheesy "loop a few WAV files and call it a day" kind of an app.  Use actual virtual synthesizers to concoct your beats, riffs, jams--whatever--and assemble a pretty neat track (or remix someone else's track) in a manner akin to an offline tool like Propellerhead's Reason.  Well, a trimmed-down version of Reason, that is.

"Download" it here !

David Murphy (@ Acererak) is a technology journalist and former Maximum PC editor. He writes weekly columns about the wide world of open-source as well as weekly roundups of awesome, freebie software. Befriend him on Twitter, especially if you have an awesome app or game you're dying to recommend!

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