FreedomPop Kicks Off Free Mobile Phone Service, Sells $99 HTC Evo Design



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Likewise I want to jump on, I am tired of being raked over the coals by America Movil (tracfone/straighttalk/net10) and sprint coverage in my area is nearly non-existent. but it all seem a bit hinky and too-good-to-be-true for me to take the $100 chance that they might be belly up in a year. I wish I could find better information on the company and business plan.



Freedompop has been in business for over a year now, as they started as hot spot business - - and the founder of Freedompop, Niklas Zennström, was the co-founder of Skype. Not to hard to find this info if you actually look.



You can use your Lumia 1020 on AirVoice Wireless. That's what I have my 920 on. They will take any unlocked or ATT branded GSM phone and use ATT network. I'm on the $10 a month plan, myself.


Bogus Dudus


They keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it does.

Inigo Montoya



HA! My thoughts exactly.


John Pombrio

Folks, I highly recommend TING. My older son and I have been using it for two months now with two Samsung S3 phones (lovely phones) that I needed to buy first. Average bill has been $40/month with all costs and taxes.
It is a pay as you go plan with differing levels for Data, Minutes, and text messages. If you use the phone a TON, TING would not be that good a deal as the levels are on a sliding scale. Yet, with the Samsung tied into our home and school WiFi most of the time, a perfect solution.
Uses Sprint as a base carrier and you need to use Ting's phones or a Sprint phone on their list and no iPhones yet. Tell them I sent you, heh.

Dang, no S3 on the site any more (at $450 each). Keep checking as they come and go quickly.



TING looks like a great service. Unfortunately, I don't have Sprint coverage in my area, and as far as I can tell, there would be no way to bring my Lumia 1020 over. For the people in their coverage area, it seems like a great service.



I'd wanna bite on this but it looks a little sketchy, like a Columbia House subscription service. Beyond that, there really isn't any information about what network they use and what their coverage is. A little research took me to articles about their plans for VOIP wireless service but there's very little technical data out there in the wild.