Freecom Trots Out World's Thinnest Mobile Hard Drive

Pulkit Chandna

From the company that gave the world its first external USB 3.0 drive comes another unprecedented product. The 10mm thick Mobile Drive Mg is the world’s thinnest mobile hard drive . The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 drive offers 320GB of storage and data transfer speeds of up to 130MB/s inside a sturdy magnesium enclosure for the reasonable price of  $89.99. However, not everything about the drive is great.

The Mobile Drive Mg’s biggest problem is that it is a Mac-formatted drive. Many of you will probably agree that Freecom has erred by restricting this petite drive to Mac users alone. However, fortunately for PC lovers who also have something resembling a Mac buried deep inside their basement, there are apps like MacDrive and HFSExplorer for using Mac-formatted drives with a PC.

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