Free Stuff Alert: Browser-Based Battlefield Play4Free and New BFBC 2 Map Pack Announced

Nathan Grayson

As we all know, the desire to wage war and blow your enemies to bloody confetti on a large scale is a perfectly natural human impulse. The only thing holding most people back? Money. Yep, nowadays, massive weapon payloads and small armies are prohibitively expensive, so what's an average, empty pocketed Joe (or Joette) like yourself supposed to do to satisfy your average dark, bestial bloodlusts? Battlefield Heroes? No, no. We know kittens who are grittier than that game. Fortunately, this is where Battlefield Play4Free comes in.

In a nutshell, the horrifically titled game mixes Battlefield Bad Company 2's weapon and class system with Battlefield 2's most popular maps, and then wraps it all up in a free-to-play browser-based package. A match made in heaven? Perhaps, depending on your tolerance for – you guessed it – microtransactions.

Now, if you'd rather not spend your hard-earned cash until the game becomes BattlefieldPlay4YourHouseAndYourSonsCollegeFundYouMonster, you'll have BFBC 2's XP system to keep you company. Same classes, same unlocks, etc. Meanwhile, microtransactions won't give deep-pocketed players too much of an edge. Rather, they'll offer slight tweaks and weapons that allow you to play your class differently – but not necessarily better.

If, however, you love BFBC 2 so much that you did, in fact, marry it and can no longer touch another game without tarnishing your holy matrimony, DICE has also announced VIP Map Pack 7 . It's composed of four maps, two of which hail from the first Bad Company – all of which are completely free to PC players.

Seriously though, DICE, what's with all the presents? We definitely appreciate them, but is there something else at play here? Some kind of special occasion , maybe?

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