Free Bonus on Some Dell Server Motherboards: Malware

Ryan Whitwam

If your place of business has a server running on a PowerEdge R410 motherboard, you might want to have a talk with Dell. According to the PC maker, a "small number" of these motherboards were shipped to customers with malicious code on them. The exact nature of the malware isn't clear, but disturbingly, it is embedded in the server management firmware.

Dell only commented on the situation after a customer wrote about being contacted by Dell support to schedule an appointment to remove the malware. There have been no reports of customer security breaches due to these motherboards. The code in question is only a danger to servers running a Windows OS.

Dell is doing the right thing now, and is contacting all customers that bought the boards. Though, we wish they'd have prevented this in the first place, or at the very least, fessed up faster. This is just one of the risks when your components are built in a factory half a world away.

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