Fragementation? On Android!? That's News to Google's Eric Schmidt

Paul Lilly

Don't try telling Google's Eric Schmidt that his company's open source Android platform suffers from fragmentation. No seriously, don't try telling him. The Google executive made it very clear at CES 2012 that Android suffers no such affliction, chalking up the many different Android models and builds to "differentiation," not fragmentation. Is he just playing with words?

Eric Schmidt talked about Android during CNet's " The Big Thing in CE " event at CES and was asked point blank by CNet host Molly Wood about Android fragmentation. According to an eWeek report , Schmidt chose to deny the notion, and explained that differentiation means OEMs will choose how to customize Android based on their own goals and innovations.

Fragmentation is something different, and to Schmidt, that only occurs when applications will only run on a single device and not any others, essentially locking users out of apps. The goal now, says Schmidt, is to get everyone on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

It's an interesting perspective, and perhaps it all boils down to semantics. You say potato and Schmidt says potahto . Either way, it's no reason to 'call the whole thing off' as Louis Armstrong used to sing .

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