Fractal Design XL R2 Review



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I have the R4 with a similar foam design and the fan controller. With good quality fans and a modest motherboard (Asus Sabertooth something or other) and Linux, I found that the Motherboard did a much better job regulating the thermal environment than the 3-way switch that Fractal Design called a fan controller. When the server is under load, the installed fans spin up a bit. When the server has been idle a miute, the fans spin back down (and in some cases even stop). At all points though, the silence has been sufficient. I never notice a howling sound, and I never notice a whirr or humm or other noise unless the 8 installed drives start thrashing.

That said, I have my chassis configured for an almost pure positive airflow setup. All the fans are intake except the default exhaust fan they installed.

On a note related to the installed fans, will you please report on whether, compared to CoolerMaster fans, the included fans report spurious speeds in the UEFI of a reasonably sane motherboard? I've had the problem of Fractal Design fans spewing speeds in eccess of 10K on motherboard headers very briefly, where other third party (especially CM fans) don't suffer from this defect.



My main desktop computer was built using this case and I love it. Its very roomy which I really desired after working with my old Antec 900 for a bit to long. I fitted it with a bunch of 140mm fans and removed the sound dampening squares which I can alway put back. The case has received many compliments on its style which is always welcome. Just beware of how heavy it is.