Fractal Design Launches Define R4 PC Case with Sound Absorbing Side Panels

Paul Lilly

Fractal Design, the same company that recently took a 12-gauge shotgun to its Define XL case to prove the sturdiness of the side panel structure, extends the Define line with the newly introduced Define R4. The Define R4 isn't built to take a shotgun blast to the gut (and neither was the Define XL, it just happened to be able to survive one), but it is intended to stomp out unwanted noise with panels that are fitted with dense, sound-absorbing material.

In addition to sound dampening material, the Define R4 features support for up to eight 3.5-inch hard drives (HDDs), all of which are compatible with solid state drives (SSDs), two 2.5-inch SSD stealth bays on the back of the motherboard tray, a pair of 5.25-inch bays, 7 + 1 expansion slots, and plenty of space for towering components, such as a CPU cooler up to 170mm, PSUs up to 270mm deep, and graphics cards up to 430mm in length.

Cooling chores are handled by up to seven case fans (two are included) and an integrated fan controller (also included) that hooks up to three fans. There are also cable routing cutouts to keep bundles of wires from obstructing airflow.

The Define R4 is available now for $110 in Black Pearl, Titanium Grey, and Arctic White.

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