Fractal Design Announces New Six-Channel Fan Controller

Brad Chacos

With all the attention focused on the pixel-pumping prowess of the brand-spankin' new video cards being released by AMD and Nvidia these days, an important part of the equation may be getting glossed over: keeping the hardware running cool. Deep down in our inbox, barely visible through the flood of GTX 670-related press releases, we noticed a nugget of information that may be able to help hardcore system builders with their heating problems. Today, Fractal Design announced a new six-fan controller, the Adjust 108.

The Adjust 108 sports a brushed aluminum design with six sliders that use LED lights to convey fan speed information at a glance; low speed fans glow white while high RPMs turn the light blue. Each of the six channels can handle up to 36W of power, and the SATA-powered hardware consumes a single 5.25-inch drive bay. Unfortunately, Fractal Design didn't share any pricing or availability info, but the Adjust 108 is already up on the company's website .

Show of hands: who's interested in manually (literally) controlling fan speed?

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