Fox Turns Off Google TV, Too

Paul Lilly

Google TV was supposed to forever change the way we consume content in our living rooms and revolutionize television. At this point, Google would be happy just to get a single major network on board.

Fox Broadcasting, which is owned by News Corp., just became the latest broadcast network to shun Google TV And block full episodes of its shows from beaming to GTV devices, CNet reports . That makes it a clean sweep, with NBC, CBS, and ABC all having already slammed the door on Google TV.

Fox was slower than the rest in making its decision as it was evaluating the platform, but according to one of CNet's sources, Google's "footprint was too small," at least for the time being.

The real reason Google is having such a tough time getting broadcasters to jump on board, however, is the general feeling that streaming Web content to television sets will cut into ad revenue.

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