Foursquare Offering Cheeky "Baggage Handler" Badge

Ryan Whitwam

Leave it to Foursquare to capture the Internet zeitgeist and turn it into a check-in badge. The geo-location social networking service will begin awarding travelers with the Baggage Handler badge to memorialize their encounter with the TSA's new, more invasive security methods. To unlock the badge, all a traveler has to do is check-in from an airport and include at least one key phrase in their post. Some options are "TSA", "grope", and “Don’t touch my junk, bro!”

After successfully unlocking the badge, the user will receive the virtual badge with the message, "Looks like you’ve had your baggage handled. Happy Holidays and have a safe flight!" As millions of travelers prepare to deal with the TSA's enhanced security measures, this badge might be handed out a lot. Anyone planning to intentionally trigger this badge over the holiday weekend?

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