Foursquare Geolocation Service Goes Worldwide

Ryan Whitwam

Do you think mobile location-sharing service Foursquare is pretty cool, but you live out in the suburbs? If you answered that with a resounding ‘yes’, it’s your lucky day because Foursquare is now playable anywhere . Users can now user their mobile phones to “check-in” no matter where they are. Previously, the service was limited to a few dozen metropolitan areas.

There are currently official applications for iPhone, Android, and WebOS, with a Blackberry app in the works. Increased adoption of these apps will be key to helping Foursquare fend off challenges from Gowalla, Brightkite, and Loopt. Gowalla’s game-like interface is the closest to Foursquare, and they are rumored to have a big pile of venture capital money they can bring to bear.

Most existing users of Foursquare won’t notice much of a difference. The service will now use a given radius to determine which friends’ check-ins to show you; it previously just used the Foursquare supported metro area. Special badges will still exist for specific cities, but the general ones will be available everywhere. Have you used Foursquare? Does it best the competition?

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