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 Post subject: Forum Rules v2.0
PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2008 7:59 pm 
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First, thank you for participating in the MaximumPC Forums. We hope you enjoy the time you'll spend here.

We have just a few simple rules to abide by. Follow them, and no one gets hurt. Don't follow them, and you won't be here.
1. Don't be a jerk. Act with moderation and the moderators won't have to act. Don't use profanity in thread titles. Don't make posts that suck; which may include name calling, accusations, racist innuendos, thread hijacking, or digging up posts over 30 days old. Post-whoring is also forbidden.

2. No warez, porn, cracks, keygens, etc. Don't do anything illegal, such as libel anyone or violate another's copyright. Keep your posts and PM’s to other members legit. Don't give out anyone's personal info.

3. Don't flame. No baiting posts to draw a flame war. And go out of your way to be nice in Free Clinic. After all, people posting in Free Clinic have enough problems. Additionally, be kind to others in all Forum sections.

4. Don't try to buy or sell anything here. No spamming. The Appraisal Table is for, oddly enough, appraisals only.

5. This isn't a democracy. Arguing with the staff over who banned who will get you banned. Anyone trying to get cute with the rules will be banned. Don't be a pain in the ass to the moderators. Bypassing a ban by creating a second account will result in your ISP being notified. No member should have more than one account.

6. Don't ask for an avatar. If we feel you've earned one, we'll give you what you deserve. However, if you've legitimately posted 100 messages, you may qualify for an avatar. PM an Administrator and politely ask for one. Animated avatars must be approved by the Staff prior to use.

7. Regarding embedded images: Host images on your own image server. Don't steal others' bandwidth. Stealing = teh bad. If you're going to embed an image, make sure it's WORK SAFE; otherwise just use a link with an appropriate warning. ABSOLUTELY NO linking to porn or obscene material. Maximum image width - 800 horizontal pixels, and try to use thumbnails where appropriate. In photo-centric threads, however, maximum image size can be 1280 horizontal pixels provided the thread subject provides an (Oversized Images) notice. This notice can be added later on by a moderator if necessary.

8. Don't Break the Forum Tables. Breaking the table usually occurs when someone posts a URL that is very long or an image that is too large (as viewed on a 1280x1024 screen). The resulting effect is that the text for all the messages in the thread goes off the right side of the screen. Finally, this is Maximum PC for crying out loud, learn how to use the BBCodes.

9. Post in the correct folder of the forum. There are descriptions telling you what each section of the forum is for. And don’t post the same post in multiple sections of the forum – this is cross-posting, and it is not allowed, with very few exceptions (and yes, you need to ask first).

10. No “fanboy” posts are allowed. Anyone who accuses someone else of being a fanboy will be banned. Anyone who mentions competing tech in a derogatory way (as determined by the topic heading) will be similarly banned.

11. When posting topics – try to use a brief descriptive topic header. Posting a thread titled “HELP” doesn’t really help, as many will just overlook it. Also, read the FAQ section or the Folder Stickies at the top of each section before posting, just to see if someone already has a solution to your issue or question.

12. When replying to a topic – use common sense and helpful information. Just stating a useless opinion (“I’ve never used it, so I don’t know” or “Intel-FTW”) doesn’t help. If you have something useful to add, by all means, please do so. If not, just move along...

13. Don’t memberate. We have Administrators, Moderators, and special, behind-the-scenes staff here at MaximumPC Forums. Unless you fit into one of these categories, you shouldn’t be telling other members what to do on the Forums. If you see something out of line, feel free to PM a Section Moderator (listed at the top of each section), or an Administrator to handle it.

14. Regarding posting new topics - Don't use the Announcement or Sticky options when posting, nor use the Polls option when picking parts or asking questions. The Announcement and Sticky are for making a good thread stay on the top of the folder. If you feel the thread is Announcement or Sticky worthy, please ask a Moderator, and they will decide.

15. Astroturfing/Shilling is not allowed - If you're a representative or employee of a company whose products are under discussion at Maximum PC, you may not participate in those conversations as if you were a disinterested party. If you want to participate, you must declare your relationship with the company in the discussion and in your profile. If you don't participate in discussions pertaining to your company's products, feel free to remain anonymous.

16. We are MaximumPC, and both the Magazine and Website do tell it like it is. Here on the forums, we do not condone some foul language - however, if it's something you wouldn't want your kids to hear, or your mother to see, you might want to change your post to suit. The forum minimum age is 13 as spelled in the TOS when you sign up.
Again thank you for your time in the Forums.

MaximumPC Forum Administrator

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