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 Post subject: Folding SpotLights - Updated 1/15/08
PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2005 3:53 pm 
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Folding Spotlight Index:

1. Spotlight 1 - on Al
2. SpotLight 2 - on Zambini
3. Spotlight 3 - On HeadWound
4. SpotLight 4 - Chili555
5. SpotLight 5 - Dan O.
6. SpotLight 6 - n0b0dykn0ws
7. SpotLight 7 - Screwballl
8. SpotLight 8 - Out-Box
9. SpotLight 9 - Toyohtadude
10. SpotLight 10 - mikemtp
11. SpotLight 11 - gsmitheman
12. SpotLight 12 - Blondie - Merry Christmas
13. SpotLight 13 - jonnyquest - Merry Christmas
14. SpotLight 14 - Spider Monkey
15. SpotLight 15 - Staypuff
16. SpotLight 16 - idaiki/BigM
17. SpotLight 17 - chaosdsm
18. Spotlight 18 - hermsherm
19. SpotLight 19 - DanAmrich
20. SpotLight 20 on Number Six - Team Maximum PC founder
21. SpotLight - Number 21 - FemFolder
22.SpotLight - Number 22 - hackman2007
23.SpotLight - Number 23 - Kreller1
24.SpotLight - Number 24 - simple_inhibition
25. SpotLight - Number 25 - Doc26
26. SpotLight - Number 26 - Sneezy
27. SpotLight - Number 27 - Mobiledude
28. SpotLight - Number 28 - Whitecree
29. SpotLight - Number 29 - Sovereign
30. SpotLight - Number 30 - mjacoby2
31. SpotLight - Number 31 - Satchboy
32. SpotLight - Number 32 - John_551
33. SpotLight - Number 33 - Dipinboy
34. SpotLight - Number 34 - Newbie1Kenobi
35. SpotLight - Number 35 - TWBalls
36. SpotLight - Number 36 - bigtoyota479
37. SpotLight - Number 37 - Tatsuo
38. SpotLight - Number 38 - Michael McCord MD

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 Post subject: Spotlight 1 - on Al
PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2005 3:54 pm 
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1st Spotlight on AL

AL just started folding in May 05.
He has gotten off to a great start - He just won our Add-A-Box contest.
He's over 57,000 points and with his current processor count ( 28 )
and the points the contest will send his way, top100 is not far away.

Lets meet AL Image

He lives, and folds, around Cleveland Ohio. Al heard about the folding team in his MaximumPC Magazine. "I thought about it some and I like to help people. Father passed w/Alzheimer's, Mom has it now. And some people I bowl with have different stuff." Al was 38 in April - just a youngster.

Al is partners in a body shop & towing company and he is in charge of the towing operation. He also works part of the year in a motorcycle shop. Motorcycles are a big part of his enjoyment of life.


Actually it is not just motorcycles that he collects.
He has an assortment of automobiles also (here are some of them).


He has recently gotten interested in real estate for an investment and rental income. He is in the process of purchasing his third property.

Al also builds and repairs computers. He has been doing that since the early 90's. Many folks give him the old computer they are replacing. Many of the computers he put together to win our contest were built from those very machines.


AL's comment, "a combination of building for the contest & fixing customers boxes (what a mess) any given weekend."

The computer activity has been slow lately. "I live in the inner-city so computers are not that big yet, but they are getting there. Most of the time I do it at little or no charge or they just buy the parts."

A major leisure time activity for AL is bowling. He bowls in at least three leagues, in tournaments and a little one on one when the opportunity presents itself. If you meet AL in a bowling alley, just buy him a tea or Gatorade and talk. If he gets you bowling, it may be a costly lesson.

Another major interest for AL is gaming. His gaming name is GOT MILK?
Halo and Quake are his favorites and he has lots of number 1 spots to show for his efforts.


Al has 2 machines running at his work location and at the time he provided this information 13 at home. The other processors are friends folding for AL. To gather support for the contest, Al offered a free PC tuneup to anyone that would fold. If he won he promised free labor on a one component upgrade. He has a few free labor upgrades to do now.

AL has 2 favorites. One is his AMD64 box water cooled, overclocked to 2.9ghz & still got room. It never gets over 36C at full gaming or folding load and runs 30C at Idle, 4 hard drives raid 0. The other is his custom server with over a terabyte of storage , raid 5 (8 hard drives).

I asked Al how he maintains those great temps on his overclocked AMD64. That's when I got more details on his water cooled system(Seen in an earlier picture). Al said,"Very custom system, to keep it simple I have two small cars trans coolers in a bucket of frozen water in a deep freeze. The water system has a combo of antifreeze & water wetter - BRRRRRRRR".

He has Adelphia cable with almost 1 meg up and something like 7616 down. His network includes:
D-Link cable modem
D-Link mimo wireless router
2 D-Link 5 port gigabyte switches
D-Link 5 port 10/100 switch
all gigabyte nic cards (hawking)

I asked Al about any heat, space or electrical problems he might have with all those machines running.

"Heat is no problem, house is extremely cool (except when burning a dvd) then forgetaboutit. Power normally not to bad unless we get a really bad winter, problems usually miss me in the summer."

Space is no problem. Al said, "I live by myself in a 5 bedroom house with a large basement. One bedroom is the computer room."

AL loves the heat and hates the cold. The only good thing about the cold is the computers keep the heat bill way down.

He has a UPS on all machines except 2 in the basement.

AL watches the computers w/EMI and a KVM switch on the computers on the rack.

When asked about his folding goals, AL said "Helping first, then I would be happy with top100. Anything higher would be impossible unless I double my current boxes at home and get 50 recruits, or unless I make my own collective."

It looks like Al will be happy with top100 very soon. As far as anything higher, I don't think that will be a problem either. Heck, just have another contest and Al will be off and running.

Thanks for agreeing to be in the first SpotLight Al.

*As originally posted by gsmitheman

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 Post subject: SpotLight 2 - on Zambini
PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2005 3:22 am 
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SpotLight on Zambini

Zambini started folding with the team in Feb 05.
He is a regular on the forum - He just won the drawing portion of our recent contest.
He has approximately 7500 points accumulated.

Lets meet Zambini Image

Zambini lives in southern California and is 16 years old (just had a birthday in June). He is starting his junior year at high school.
During summer vacations he goes with his family to Helsinki, Finland to visit his grandparents,other family members and friends.

I asked Zambini how he enjoyed school. Apparently he enjoys it a lot more than I did.

He said, "I have maintained a 3.5 or better up until last semester when it was a 3.75 or above. I have played on the golf team at my school for 2 seasons, and this third season I look forward to being one of the top players.
I (along with a few other classmates) started a Rotary Interact Club, which is closely tied with the Rotary International. I am the webmaster for our club's website".

I then asked him about his career plans at this point.

Zambini said, "I plan to go somewhere into computing, whether it be computer design (things like using Adobe Photoshop for creating websites, movie design, making computer parts themselves, or computer repair (on the side).

When asked about any part time employment, he responded, "I hope to get a job at Fry's Electronics once they open the store near my school. Either there or in Best Buy's computing department".
If I worked there it would be like a kid in a candy store. My check would never make it home. I bet he has more control than I do.

I asked about his hobbies and other interests.

Zambini told me, "I really enjoy almost anything with computers (building, designing, helping people). I also enjoy golf. A recent newfound love is going to see Los Angeles Galaxy games (futbol, or soccer for those who don't know :wink: and cheering my head off with the LA Riot Squad. I also enjoy making sushi".


The sushi comment was one where we weren't in total agreement.



This is Zambini's computer work area. Notice the traditional Geek Chair repair. Well executed by the young man - might I add.

I then asked how he gained his knowledge of computers.

This is a long answer - but worth every word in my opinion.

Zambini told me, "I really got interested in computers after I saw how sad my laptop was, and decided to go to a more powerful desktop.. The laptop was a Toshiba Satellite - 800mhz with 32mb integrated video ram, and it was a few years old. I started playing Medal of Honor Allied Assault back in the late 90's, and that made me realize how much power a computer had. My next computer was purchased from HP through Best Buy. It was a nice machine, and at $1,400 I had to take care of it more than anything else I had.

I later discovered I needed another hard drive, having filled my Samsung 160gb up to the buffer with tons of random things. It was only after I opened the case that I realized that HP, and other companies, were slacking when it came to quality. Where my hard drive was placed on the front panel of my case, there was barely enough room to fit another 3.5".

From that point on, I figured it to be necessary to build your own, and after taking apart and refitting several of my dad's old work computers (after nuking the hard drives of course) and discovering that they still worked fine, I decided I had to upgrade my computer.

I went to a local computer store and brought my Enermax case, and took everything out of my old HP case and slapped it in the new one. Having done that, and after installing the maxtor successfully, I gathered some older parts from an old work computer and put them in the HP case.

Geek organization at work. To be fair I think we all had boxes all over during a build. Since I own my house, my mess was on the dining room table. The cd's on the wall are Zambini's best use for AOL CDs.

Response continued

I tired to install several Linux distros, but eventually I wound up installing Knoppix off the live CD, and I have been running it ever since.

A few months ago, I also put together a microATX computer for my dad's office (with the help of MaximumPC forum-goers, for compatibility issues) and once all the parts shipped, I put it all in the case and installed XP Pro on it.

I don't overclock my computer, mainly because it generally gets way too hot in southern California to overclock. I have load temps of 40C for my case and 50C for my ATI. Although I did try overclocking my ATI once, it went to 60C and shut off my computer, which was the end of that.

The main reason I brought and kept my computer up is not just for games, but for experience for the future, where jobs will require some computer experience and it's always good to excel in some subjects".

He definitely seems to have learned well using the above method.

Next I asked,What Hardware do you use for folding and any others in the collective.

1) AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.0 ghz, 1024 DDR PC3200
2) Intel PIII 800 mhz (forget ram)
3) (latest addition) HP Pavilion Zea notebook Intel Celery 2.0 Hz

Zambini feels he has always had a second rate ISP, Adelphia, Verizon.... All under performed what they promised.

The last question was what are your future folding plans.
He replied," Keep folding until college, where folding will most likely be done on one or two computers... depending on where I live and how my expenses go. After college I'll get back into folding with a bunch of computers, as I hope to pick up a couple "old" computers through college for cheap".

Thanks Zambini for agreeing to be the second folder SpotLighted.

Because Zambini is still a teenager, I asked for his parents approval to do this SpotLight. The absence of a picture and use of the Avatar was requested by his parents. I think it's great that they are looking out for their son and appreciate their approval of the SpotLight.

*As originally posted by gsmitheman

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 Post subject: Spotlight 3 - On HeadWound
PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2005 3:56 am 
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SpotLight on HeadWound

HeadWound started folding in Feb 05'.
His points have been shooting up since the beginning and he is currently near 170,000.
He has taken up residence in the Top20 Producers list and is currently in the 10th spot.
The sense of humor you see on the forum, comes through in every contact I have had
with him.

Lets meet HeadWound Image

He lives in Southern California, north of LA, with his wife, his daughter (6 yrs old), 2 cats and 14 fish. He has lived in SoCal all of his life - 35 years.

Lets meet da Cat.........Image

I asked HeadWound how he got started folding.

He said," After doing a long stint of seti searching, and just not seeing the fun of it anymore, I saw the article in MaxPC about folding for a cure, it was a no brainer to switch. I have since been inclined to take all the parts I have accumulated and build machines with a purpose, instead of the hassle of selling things on ebay."

When asked about hobbies, he replied.

"When I have a free second I enjoy a good romp on my own private WOW server, taking my daughter to Disneyland or going to see a decent movie with my wife."

How did you get interested in computers?

"I've got a few more years under my belt than Zambini, so bear with me.

Well, I got into computers as a freshman in High-School (Apple IIs) did some programming and thought it was incredible that I could type in some words on the screen and make the computer calculate or respond. At the rate I wanted to learn programming I quickly (and I do mean quickly) surpassed the knowledge of our advanced computer programming teacher. By the time I was a Junior I was co-teaching the Advanced computer science class. When I became a Senior I was not only co-teaching advanced computer science but was also teaching the Junior-High kids for extra credit.

It was around that time that I got my first Apple Clone (think it was called a Laser). It was also around that time that I discovered BBSs and started hacking and writing better more complex code. I actually had one of my programs published in Family Computing (when it existed), and yes computer programs where small enough to print on a couple pages. It was a character modifier for one of the Ultima Games. You could modify your character stats and even your global position in the game itself.

Shortly after school I got busy with jobs and had about a 2 year span of no computers at all. I know, I know, how the hell does someone get out of computers for 2 years.
Knock.... Knock....Image

Three letters FBI. When they come to your door looking for information on the BBSs that you have been on and take your computer and don't give it back... well it kinda changes things.

But then I saw my first 486 DX2-66 with windows 3.0 - I was in awe again. I was back into computers."

It seems HeadWound's love affair with computers evolved right into a career.

He said,"A couple years and MANY games later I heard about the internet. Once I found the internet, my programming skills came back and I created my first website. After some tinkering I found that I could own my own url and decided on gamedemo.com. A couple thousand html pages later I found a company that was willing to place ads on my pages and pay me for it. Cool, my first business. The website went from 600 people a day to 25,000 a day in 3 months. I was making a killing and loving every minute. 1 year later I got a feeling from the industry that things were going to change (big time) and I sold the business, just in time.

After that I did the gamut of jobs, customer service, tech support, etc. After downsizing of the company I worked for (3 days before 9/11) and not being able to get a job again because so many techs where out of work. I went back to school and got my MCSE and A+ certs. But by the time I was done all the jobs where gone - that sucked.

So here I am certified and 14yrs experience. What to do... I know start another business. I hooked up with a couple of students and came up with the idea of opening a music school online for teaching guitar. After searching for a sponsor and a money backer and someone who could lead us to the talented people we opened GuitarSchool.net with the backing of Guitarcenter and 1 investor. Since then we have created courses for everyone from beginner to the most experienced in (Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Classical and Bass). We slowly watch as month by month our profits go up, slowly but surely.

After everything was created I didn't have anything to do, so I started up my business again (Network Extreme) and found a nitch market for Data Recovery. I do everything in the business from networking to computer repair to teaching. Business is of course intermittent like everyone else in the pc support industry knows.

About 2years ago my partner (the producer for Guitarschool.net) asked me to come to work on some specialty web interactive programming. I have since become a partner in a new i-TV company called RioVida, which will be opening officially in late 2005/early 2006. I do all there systems admin work, programming and general technical employee management.

My latest venture involves a separate guitarschool partner who convinced me to partner with him and open up a video production company called(Digital BBQ).

So, now I own One business and partner in Three businesses. Hopefully one of them will make me stable financially one of these days."

I've heard it said that busy people gets things done. No exception here.

HeadWound what hardware do you fold with?

He said,"I've got 8 Folders at home, 16 folders at one office and another 9 at my other office, for a total of 33 folders total right now. Plans are in the works for even more."

While we were working together to create this SpotLight, I got a PM from HeadWound stating that he got a fabulous deal on some additional computers that he just couldn't pass up.


The rack and all the equipment on it wasn't in the garage when the original pictures (displayed next) were taken, less than a week ago. I see a few more points heating up the competition soon.

I could feel the excitement he felt, in the messages he sent about this new computer purchase.




He seems a bit more organized at the office (thank goodness). That geek organization seems to be consistent in all the SpotLights so far.

How do you monitor all that hardware?

HeadWound responded, "All my machines at all my work locations(even home) are VNC accessible. I do have physical access to all locations at all times, but why drive 30 minutes to point and click for someone. Plus I love freakin' people out by connecting to there desktop and moving the mouse a little here and a little there(of course this is only with the people I know well and will understand the joke, in other words... DO NOT DO THIS TO THE BOSS.) At home I have 8 computers running(email server, webserver, stats server, storage server, 2 video encoding machines, video editing machine and full time workstation/gaming laptop) at one office I have roughly 14 Dell workstations and the other office I have 9 workstations, 1 email server, 1 webserver, 1 backup server, 3 test stations and 1 laptop monitoring the network. At each location there is one server running EMIII for that location."

What broadband provider do you use and how do you like them?

He said,"DSLExtreme - have had them for about 3yrs and never had a problem. I have a premium 6000k/608k line - she's quick."

What are your future folding plans?

HeadWound responded,"wow, future folding plans... my ultimate goal is to shoot for a spot in the top 10 - Otherwise for now, it's just getting past Xenolyth, *screams - you hear me Xenolyth, I'm coming for you. lol*. I would also love to see the team hit the 200,000ppd mark and am trying to do my best to help out. I love the competition, but I have to say this... I love the cause, I mean could you imagine one day... if the scientists that analyze all this data find a cure for cancer... how HUGE would that be and how great we would all feel knowing that we did our part whether it was 30ppd or 10,000ppd. It doesn't matter because in truth the results come from a community of people. That small work unit might just be the one that scientists where looking for. I believe in this project and I put every computer that works for me into it. Whether it's the old P2-400 that only folds at 9ppd or my Colossus that folds 254ppd, I give it all.

So to all folders, I raise my glass... *cheers* and as we say +FOLD FOR A CURE+

HeadWound Thanks for letting us get to know you better by agreeing to do this SpotLight.

*As originally posted by gsmitheman

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 Post subject: SpotLight 4 - Chili555
PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2005 2:37 am 
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SpotLight on Chili555

Chili555 has been folding since 1/1/04, according to EOC, but he believes it goes back a little further.
His current points are 94,404 and production doubled since June of this year. Processors are 7/3.

Lets meet Chili555............ Image

Don't worry there are pictures down below.

Chili’s excellent adventures

Chili where are you from?

I live in Boca Raton, Florida with Mrs. Chili (not our real names, obviously).
We have three adult children, her two sons live in Boca Raton and Knoxville, TN and my daughter
lives in Portland, OR. I am 62 years old and have been retired for about seven years.

I suggested that was a great age ( since we share it) and hoped he was enjoying retirement as much as I was
(I think you will find he's enjoying it more).

What type of work did you do before you retired?

I retired after 34 years from an insurance company, where I was Vice-President – Human Resources.

How did you get interested in computers?

When I retired, I wanted a few challenging things to keep me active physically and mentally and one was computers.
I bought a retail box with Mandrake Linux 8.0 and a new hard drive, and installed Linux on the hard drive.
We only had one computer at the time, so I would boot Mandrake or Windows 98 by switching the
boot device in the BIOS. Pretty primitive, but it worked fine.

I wanted to upgrade the computer, so I did a ton of research and bought a newer motherboard and processor.
I found that the power supply in the old Gateway P133 was hardly adequate to run a Pentium III 733MHz,
so I bought a new power supply...which didn’t fit in the case. By the time I finished, all that was left of the Gateway
was the sound card and the keyboard!

Now, all these years later, we run six computers: my desktop, her desktop, a home backup server,
two dedicated folders and I take a laptop with me when I travel. All except the laptop fold 24 hours,
barring the odd hurricane. All run Fedora Core Linux.

I don’t know how long I have been folding, but long enough to become addicted. I got started from
an article in the magazine and I live in the hope that the science we produce can keep Mrs. Chili and me
from getting old!

I administer the headless machines with ssh, or PuTTY to you who are stuck in Windows.
I can do updates, check the folding progress and get the CPU temperatures via ssh.
At first, it is kind of fun to look in on the children a few times a day, but then, I realized you can’t speed
them up, so leave the poor dears alone to do their work.

When I set these machines up, I do a minimal install, for a server, and put a command in rc.d/rc.local
to start folding automagically on boot. I make sure ssh is running as a service and disable unneeded services,
like sendmail and printing. I set all machines up with static IP addresses so I can find them with ssh.
I also set the BIOS to halt on no errors, so the machines will run without a keyboard or video card.

Two dedicated folders run in the un-air conditioned garage. The CPU temperatures run high, sometimes as much
as 57 C. So far, no heat related problems (fingers crossed.)

This is a picture of one of the folders located in the garage.
Note it is mounted on plywood and requires no extra fans.


I understand you like to purchase hardware on Ebay.
Can you give us any hints to successful Ebay purchases?

I buy some equipment on Ebay. I try to stick to what I know, which is Asus, AMD Athlon and Athlon XP and Socket A/462.
Some pretty decent gear can be bought cheap these days.

I search for exactly what I want, A7V or A7V133 and bid low; $20 for a motherboard, $5 for a power supply.
I bid for items ending in a day and if I don’t get it, I just go on to the next one.
I think a lot of Ebay’ers get caught up in the auction: “well, if I was willing to bid $20, I shouldn’t be
stingy to go to $22...$24...â€

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 Post subject: SpotLight - Number 5 - Dan O.
PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2005 3:46 am 
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Posts: 15220
SpotLight On Dan O.

His points are currently 259,287 processors 12/4

Lets meet Dan O..........Image

Dan O. When did you really start folding?
July of 2004. Back then it was a good day to see more than 60,000 points in a day for Max PC. These days we produce that in just 9 hours.

What area of the country do you call home?
Rockford Illinois, single. I have a large family though. I was the eighth child in my family. I have 6 sisters and 1 brother. Now 4 of my sisters are married, and between those 4 I have 11 going on 12 nieces and nephews. So, all told there are 25 going on 26 of us.


Ok Dan O. now we get personal - how old are you?

24. Yeah, most people around here think I'm older, must have to do with my avatar.

How did you get started folding?

Hmm, I can't really remember who got me into it. I was on the Delphi Chat (when MaxPC was still on Delphi) when someone told me that I should join. I really had no idea what folding was though, and the closest thing I could figure was laundry. But once I logged onto the new forums I somehow got involved.

Where are you working Dan O.?

I sort of run my own business, called Dan's Scans. You can visit my webpage from my profile or from the bottom of my posts. It's basically a photo and negative scanning business. I take old prints and negatives and turn them into digital images that can be reprinted, put on a webpage, emailed, or put into a DVD slideshow. I also do the DVD Slideshows myself, and not counting revisions, I've done about 4 or 5 to date, each with roughly 100+ photos.

I understand you are taking some classes.

Well, I'm taking classes at my local community college. I do have an Associates, but not in the field I want to work in. I'm right now trying to decide whether to go into Networking or Programming. So far I seem to have a knack for both.

Dan O. you always give us some perspective on things by manipulating the numbers.
Where did you pick up that ability to get it together and have it make sense?

I've always liked numbers. Perhaps it's because of my father. My father was actually criticized by his boss one day. His boss told him "John, your too logical and use too many facts" or something to that effect.

I liked math up until I got into college and they started throwing complex numbers and other stuff into the mix.

I liked Trig though, I actually programmed my calculator to calculate any missing length and angle of a triangle based on the other two sides and angles. It even took into consideration similar angles, so the angle I got was always correct.

What folding numbers currently have your interest?

Well, I've been having a hard time with the new layout of EOC. In case you haven't noticed "New Members" is always negative. I have a problem with that.

Anyway, I think the Eggs have a problem. They're loosing members on a daily basis, far more than they are gaining. The Eggs only have about 500 active users. It's definitely not healthy to be loosing 23 of them in a week.

Truthfully I'm beginning to wonder if Team Egg Roll even has a future. They've lost their #1 producer, who was ranked #15 in the project. For some reason the team hasn't been able to keep going, people are beginning to leave.

Do you have any other hobbies besides folding?

Photography has been a big hobby of mine for the past 3 years. Other than that, camping, though I haven't done much of that since I left the Boy Scouts in 2002.


I've been a film photographer for the past 2 years. Yeah, I tried digital. I learned that Digital is good when you have a Digital SLR. In no way shape or form can a $300 digicam compete with a $240 35mm SLR and Lens. I learned that the hard way.

I'd love to show all of you all the photos I've put on my gallery, but the problem is that most of them are family photos and I don't think my family wants the gallery to be so public.

I will give you an idea of what my film scanner is capable of though. This is a 22 megapixel image from cheap 35mm Kodak film I bought in Austria. It's 400 ISO, so there is a good deal of grain in the shadows.

Folks observe Dan O's warning below - this is a big file at 384kb/s.
No comments about going out for dinner and maybe a movie - it might be done when I get back.

http://dansfah.hopto.org/22MP.jpg *warning, 5.75Mb file on a 384kb/s Up*

What hardware have you got folding?

I've got two machines that run 24/7. One is a 2500+ @ 3200+, and the other is a 2400+. I've built them both myself. The 2400+ runs Debian GNU/Linux. I just upgraded Debian to the "unstable" version called "Sid".

Other than my machines, one of my sisters has a 2.2Ghz P4 running 24/7, and I think Gram may still have a machine or two going. I do wish Kybo could get his computer privileges back, it just hasn't been the same without him.

Any problems with heat, Electric bills or space?

The biggest problem with heat is that I don't have AC in this room. This machine is overclocked by over 20%, so on occasion I have to shut it down to prevent instability.

How do you monitor your folding machines?

I use EMIII for my two machines. I think someday I should get machines folding for Dan_O'Connell to update on the web, I really have no idea what's folding anymore.

You can visit my FAH Stats Page at http://dansfah.hopto.org

Who is your broadband provider and how to you like them?

I'm quite pleased with SBC DSL. I get a steady 1.5Mb/s down / 384Kb/s up connection for what will be $15 a month once we renew our contract this January.

What are your plans for folding in the future?

My goal is to stay in the top 100 until Kybo can get his PC privileges back, then kick the asses of the people that passed us.

Thanks Dan O. for agreeing to do this SpotLight.
That picture of your family is extremely well done.
It shows me I have a lot to learn.

*As originally posted by gsmitheman

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 Post subject: SpotLight - Number 6 - n0b0dykn0ws
PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2005 5:30 am 
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SpotLight on n0b0dykn0ws

Folding for several years now - his total points today are 144,533
Processors are 16/10

n0b0dykn0ws - Sept 05' production was more than 5 times what it was in May 05'

Lets meet n0b0dykn0ws............... Image

n0b0dyknows what part of the world do you call home?

Huntsville, Alabama area. AKA Tennessee Valley/The Rocket City

n0b0dykn0ws is 29 years old (these top20 types are getting younger every day).


What got you started folding?

I remember reading about Folding@Home a number of years ago in the MaximumPC magazine as well as the old MaximumPC Forums.
I had heard of SETI@HOME but did not find it interesting/worthwhile enough to dedicate my precious computer hardware to the cause.

Reading about what Folding@Home was about changed my mind though. I have too many friends that have been affected by illness, including Diabetes. Also, I am a third-generation cancer survivor. I survived Hodgkin's Disease (lymphatic cancer), my mother survived ovarian cancer, and my mother's father survived breast cancer. Unfortunately he passed away July 19th, 2004. He was never quite the same after his treatments.

When I first started Folding, I ran it in the background part time. At that point in my life, my computer was residing in my bedroom, and the noise was enough to keep me awake at night. Now that I have a separate computer room, I leave my systems running 24/7. It helps a lot.

One big improvement in my Folding has been one of my best friends, AKA Tryc. I had repeatedly talked with him about Folding, and just recently he graciously joined me in my effort. With his help, I have nitched my spot in the Top 20 Production. Thanks Tryc!!!



This is a shot of his friend Tim, who is currently fighting in the war in Iraq and Damien.
Damien may soon be folding for the team.
N0b0dykn0ws said, "If he wants that free upgrade - he will be folding soon".

n0b0dykn0ws where are you employed?

I work at Marshall Space Flight Center with NDC Operations. That is all I can say. :wink:

Do you have any other hobbies or interests besides folding?

I enjoy RC cars, model rockets (I guess it goes with the territory), playing billiards (always trying to improve my game, especially my Masse). I use to bowl frequently, but unfortunately don't go often anymore. I also enjoy watching TV and movies. I have a 46" Toshiba HDTV in my bedroom, as well as a 55" Mitsubishi HDTV in the living room. I also love driving my 2005 Subaru Baja. It's fun to take it off-road, or just drive it around town. I love getting looks from passengers and pedestrians. Never quite sure what they should make of it.

How did you learn about computers?

Luckily for me, I have an electrical engineer for a father. He drove me nuts growing up, thinking I should follow in his footsteps and become a doctor. When I was a wee lad at the tender age of seven he bought me and my fellow siblings a Osborne II for Christmas. He realized the importance of computers, and wanted us to be as interested as possible.

I was entranced. I had never seen anything like it before (or since for that matter!) and poked and prodded at it. Being such a young child, I was limited (thankfully) to what I was allowed to do to it. I mainly played the simplistic character-based games, and loved it.

From there, I moved up to a 8088. Then at the age of fifteen, we built a i486-DX2. It had a whopping 16 MB of memory, started off with a gigantic 512 MB HDD, and even had a *gasp!* CD-ROM with 16 Bit Sound!!! I was so excited. I learned to really use Dos on that system, began my experience with Windows, cruised the local BBSes, and of course played games.

It wouldn't be until 1997 that I reached my next computer milestones. The first was my brand-new computer. I bought a Pentium II 266 MHz, with 128 MB of RAM, a 6.4 GB HDD, and of course it had a CD-ROM. My initial video-card was a Matrox Millinium II, later to be combined with a Voodoo card. I had a SB-64 card, and best of all... I had a brand new near-flat 17" Viewsonic monitor. I was the envy of everyone. Friends and enemies longed to have a system like mine. That was my first taste of raw PC power. The second milestone of the year was me reading my first issue of Boot. I've been hooked ever since, and without that, I wouldn't be here writing this. My computer experience has grown by leaps and bounds since then.

Do you build your own machines?

Do I? I use to work assembling computers after all! :wink: I've built each of the systems used at home for Folding, and have even built systems for other people including relatives.

Do you do any overclocking?

Here and there. Currently I have my Pentium 4 Prescott (Socket 478) 3 GHz overclocked to a modest 3.15 GHz. I tend to avoid it because I want my system to work just fine, and if I fry something, it's hard to replace it right away.

What are your main uses for your computers?

I play games, not only classics such as Diablo II, but the latest and greatest, such as Doom III. I edit video as a hobby, as well as digital imaging. Of course I read and write in the MaximumPC Forums, and chat using AIM/Yahoo (now using GAIM though). Web surfing is done via Firefox. If I am web-surfing and IMing, I will listen to music on my Logitech Z-5500s.

What hardware are you currently folding with for the team?


My main machine is as previously mentioned: a P4E 3 GHz overclocked to 3.15 GHz with 1 GB of DDR500 memory. My secondary machine is a P4E 3 GHz with 1 GB of DDR400 memory. My father's system is a 2.4 GHz P4C (800 MHz FSB) with 1 GB of DDR500 memory. My mother's system is a 2.6 GHz P4A with 512 MB of DDR433. Generic description of Tryc's machines Folding for me. 3x 1.8 GHz P4s each with 512 MB of memory (not sure what speed), a 2.4 GHz P4A with 512 MB of PC800 RDRAM, a 1.8 GHz P4M laptop with 512 MB of DDR, and a 2800+ Sempron with 512 MB of DDR266 will be added again soon. There you have it, 10 (ten) systems Folding altogether to equal Top 20 Production. The key? Optimization. I cannot stress this enough.

What ISP do you use and how do you like them?

We have the higher-tier speed Comcast cable-modem service. Rarely have hiccups with it. We (at home) use a Link sys 802.11b router, and I have a generic 10/100 hub in my computer room.

What are your future folding plans?

Future Folding plans? Here's my future Folding plans. Right now, as I type this, I am about to break into the Top 100. The next goal is to become a Top 10 producer, then move my way up deep into the ranks, finally becoming the top producer as well as claiming the top spot. :wink:

Six, HeadWound, etc are hereby warned!

n0b0dykn0ws thanks for doing this Spotlight
I enjoyed working on it (except for trying to put those zeros in your username - that drove me nuts)

*As originally posted by gsmitheman

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 Post subject: SpotLight - Number 7 - Screwballl
PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2005 5:02 am 
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SpotLight on Screwballl

Screwball Started folding on 1/9/05
He has 42,952 points
Processors 4/4

Lets meet Screwballl............... Image

Please note: I sent several PMs to Screwballl early on and he didn't seem to have a clue what I was talking about.
It turns out he spells it with 3 Ls and the other gentleman spells it with two Ls. :oops:
After I discovered my mistake and apologized, Screwball (with two Ls) was very nice about it.
I mention this to help others avoid the same fate.

Screwballl where in this great country to you hail from?

I am in the Florida Panhandle between Pensacola and Panama City. I am a 28 year old happily married man with a wonderful 3 1/2 year old daughter. I have been in this area for 5 years now and am originally from western South Dakota, born and raised.


The happily married man and his family. Great picture Screwballl.


Nice shot of that beautiful daughter of yours.


Horseshoe Lake South Dakota

Florida Panhandle !!! Have any of the recent hurricanes given you problems.

We were out of power for 9 days with Ivan, 2 1/2 days with Dennis. We got nothing but some rain from Katrina and Rita and whatever other tropical storms happened this way. Luckily my house and family walked away without a scratch from all of them.


Highway 98 after Ivan went through.

What got you started folding?

Originally I started on Folding way back when it was Genome@Home I believe. Back then I just had the one Celeron 600MHz and never thought much of it. Then when I built my AMD Tbird system I started on SETI@Home and did that for a year or so until I just tired of that. I started back with Folding@Home under another name for sometime on and off. Then I started reading about all the different distributed computing projects and found that F@H had the best possibility for making a difference in our lives. I started back up with F@H in Jan of this year.
As I lost a great-grandfather and grandfather to Cancer before I was born, and the only living grandfather to cancer during the Christmas of 04, I saw that the possibility of this project to help myself and my family line out hopefully within my lifetime was worth the time. Seeing most males on both sides of the family end up with or dying from cancer really opened my eyes that this is a genetic possibility, one that I and everyone else can help with.

Where are you employed?

I am an Assistant Manager at an Ace Hardware. I have been with that company for 3 years now and the whole group is great to work with/for.

Ace Hardware - I've roamed their aisles many times over the years. Would have been nice to have an employee discount.

I don't know about other stores but our discount can be nice (or not) depending on the item since it is setup a specific way.

What other hobbies or interests do you pursue when not folding.

Since I typically work 50+ hours a week, my free time is limited but when I get the chance, I like to do outdoor stuff. This usually includes go fishing in one of the freshwater lakes, find back trails that lead to wherever, go to rodeos (just went to one on Oct. 9th), tinker with my truck among other things. I have a 91 Chevy Suburban R2500 with 454 and as it is about time for the valve covers and oil pan gasket to be replaced, I should keep busy with that next weekend. During the summer on Saturday nights we like to go to the local dirt track and watch the racecars, sometimes they will have Sprint cars or non-typical racers there. My favorite has to be the "Stingers" I think they're called. Basically they are real cars, 4 cylinder front drive cars that race around the track. Theres a mix of everything from Ford Probes to Yugo to VW Golf to Dodge shadows. Those are hilarious to see bumping their way around the track.
On occasion we also go up to the 1/4 mile strip and watch the time trials of people's cars. They include full size gas and diesel trucks, ricers, 70-80s muscle cars, motorcycles and then some real drag strip cars (the 1400hp 0-60/2.5 sec types).
Some may ask, no I am not a hi-tech redneck, I am an "Electronic Cowboy". I have the Wranglers and cowboy hat and big truck and quite a few computers plus a CB and other numerous electronics but am not some ignorant racist uneducated trailer trash type.


91 Chevy Suburban R2500 with 454

So as a cowboy are you into the stereotype of "Nascar fan" or is it just races in general? Are there other sports that peak your interest?

I really don't care for Nascar honestly, I like supporting the local drivers and tracks even though I don't know any of them, they still put on dang good shows. As for sports I am a really big Packers fan. I have been looking for one of those cheese hats but in the shape of a cowboy hat, that would make an excellent addition to my collection. I already have a jacket, socks, cap, multiple t-shirts, calendar and one of my computers has a Packers desktop picture. I follow the NFL here and there to check standings and whatnot but am not a "stats freak". I don't know how many passes Favre has thrown or whatever (although I do know that Favre's first pass ever was completed by himself catching it, wonderful Pack-fan trivia). Other then that I like to go watch the Pensacola Ice Pilots ice hockey team play during the fall/winter months.

How did you learn about computers?

I originally picked up about them in my high school computers class. At that time it was DOS and Windows 3.0 so most of our learning was in DOS. I got to "hacking" and having so much fun learning on my own that I failed the class but learned more than the teacher could ever teach. I would find different ways to use programs (thus the hacking) such as if the teacher blocked the games, I found 4 or 5 ways around it to get to them. That started me off onto the path I am today. A few years ago just before Ace Hardware, I was a tech at a local computer store and picked up all kinds of tips and tricks for tech work from another long time tech. I am still not a Jedi Computer Master but I know more then the average bear.

What hardware are you currently running?

As I am not rich by any means, I keep my hardware to the basics and only what will hold me over for a year or two (plus the wife hates me spending money on computer stuff). My current beast is a AthlonXP 3000+ Barton with 400MHz bus sitting on an Asus A7N8X Rev2.0 and 1024MB PC3200 in dual channel mode. It has a 128MB ATI 9600XT and an Antec Smart Blue 350W. The case is an Antec PlusView 1000 AMG. Previous build was a generic case with 300W Alliance PSU, AMD Athlon 1.4GHz Tbird with 266MHz bus sitting on Asus A7M266 with 512MB PC2100. It started with a 32MB Geforce2 GTS overclocked, then temporarily with a BFG 128MB Ti4600 but after 3 RMAs over 4 months, the timing was right and they sent me a BFG 128MB FX5200Ultra instead. Somehow lines got crossed and I got a bad FX5200Ultra and 2 days later a good FX5200 card arrived at my door unannounced. I called them and they have no record of the first card and since it wasn't in their system and since it was bad they said keep it. I still have it, all it needs is a replacement HSF.
Anyways my other folders for now are an HP AMD K6-2 500MHz and Dell Pentium3 550MHz.

Do you build your own computers today?

Yes I build my own and have built for friends of the family and a few others. Each one was suited for what they wanted and not what Dell or HP or Best Buy thought they wanted.

Do you overclock any machines?

I am the type that will tinker with it and may get an extra 100MHz out of a box for a few days but I always put it back down since I don't feel like replacing a cpu every 2 months. The only over clocking I do is with video cards, ATI makes it easy with their utility and for nvidia cards I use the coolbits2 registry hack. The FX5200Ultra is currently running stable at 325MHz mem/685MHz GPU and my 9600XT is at 513MHz GPU.

What are the main things you use your computers for today?

The XP3000+ is mostly folding and gaming. I am still stuck on Counter Strike: Source and HL2DM so I haven't had the chance to get away from it and play much BF2 or others. I still get back to SimCity4 on occasion but I always end up back with my old friends on CS:S/HL2DM.
The 1400Tbird is now the wife's computer and all she does is play her Yahoo games and web surfing. The other two (HP and Dell 500's) are folding only. I also still have my original 600MHz Celeron mentioned earlier and another custom built P3 550MHz that I will add to folding once I get more NICs and find my hub.

What Broadband provider do you use - are you happy with their service?

The only 2 choices locally are Sprint DSL (max 768 down) or Cox Cable (starts at 3Mb down) and I use Cox. I have used them for 4 1/2 years now and never had a problem worth mentioning. As a matter of fact I still have the old original cable modem from back then and I think it is about time to get a new one as it is having a harder time keeping its connection for more than a week. Of course it could be cat hair or daughter yanking cables, not sure which yet.

What are your future folding plans?

Hmmm this is an area that is always on my mind but hasn't seemed to take any physical shape yet. Basically I am looking to turn my closet into a rack with some sort of knoppix cluster, debian linux or overclockix linux rack type setup. With the room in there and the possibility to vent the heat out through the ceiling into the attic, cooling should be no problem.
I am planning on working on some sort of cluster to share threading among multiple boards, this is also dependant on several factors but I will learn as I go. If the direct cluster won't work then I will probably sell off a few of the sub2GHz computers to make room for some Sempron 2800s or a deal I saw about a 2600+ XP-M/mobo combo but the deals will present themselves at the time.

Screwballl thanks for doing this SpotLight.
You should all know that Screwballl now holds the SpotLight questionnaire turnaround record.
It was something like ten hours after I sent him the questionnaire and it was back complete with pictures.
I thought he just had a question. I was wrong - he was done.

*As originally posted by gsmitheman

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 Post subject: SpotLight - Number 8 - Out-Box
PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2005 4:43 am 
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SpotLight on Out-Box

Out-Box Started folding on 3/9/05
He has 168,524 points
Processors 11/9

Lets meet Out-Box............... Image

Out-Box is never without his sense of humor. This can be a valuable asset in folding when the tough luck folding demons focus on your particular set of folders. He is also known for picking great pics for his avatar (always good looking women).

Where do you call home these days?

Home these days is Aberdeen NC. I grew up in southern Ohio. I am 38 and have been married to “She who must be obeyedâ€

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 Post subject: SpotLight - Number 9 - Toyohtadude
PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2005 5:22 am 
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SpotLight on toyohtadude

toyohtadude Started folding on 7/26/05
He has 131,747 points
Processors 29/23

Lets meet toyohtadude............... Image

In which state do you reside?

I am a transplant to New Hampshire from central Maine. After 32 years in Maine, we'd had enough! We moved here in 1998 and have loved it every day! I am married to a wonderful woman who is not only my wife but my best friend. I'm fast approaching 41. Her age? I'm not disclosing that, grin! We have three kids... The oldest is nearly 21. He's our "lost child" because he hasn't decided what he wants to be when he grows up, lol! He's a great son though. Never in trouble! Then, we have twins, a boy and a girl. They graduated from high school this year at 17 and turned 18 in July. Our younger son is taking some time off and will be attending a college yet to be determined in Sept. 06. His twin, our daughter, is attending the University of Maine at Orono. While she gets a bit homesick, most of our relatives are very close to that campus so she always has family to turn to. One day, she'll be a fine Bean Counter, just like her Mother! After the boys spread their wings, we'll be an empty nest.


We have a spoiled rotten dog... her name is Montana. She was rescued from an abuser in Boston. It took a lot of work to make her a great dog, but we've done it! She's 7 years old now (we've had her for 5).


We have three cats. The oldest is 15 now but still in excellent health and very active. The other two are new to the family... J.D. (Johnny Damon) is a Maine Coon Cat. Then little Ebony, a black Siamese. They will be 6 mos old in December.

They were playmates and we couldn't break them up. (I'm a sucker for a pouty lip! Right Honey?)


What do you like best about living in New Hampshire?

No taxes! Beautiful country, friendly people, high incomes, well, I could go on but those are the highlights. We bought our home in 2000. It was a new cape then but we hope to make it a larger contemporary soon. We plan on many changes both inside and out. We're in a GREAT location too! Within a mile of nearly any shopping or restaurant you can possibly want, one mile from my wife's job and 10 miles from mine. We're in a quaint little sub-division nestled in the woods. But drive out of this and you enter the city almost immediately. We have great neighbors so it makes it all the more worth staying.

What got you started folding?

I am an ex-SETI participant. I spent a lot of CPU cycles searching for E.T. but then decided to stop. I'm confident that there are other planets circling other stars out there with people looking up and wondering the same thing... "Is there life out there?" With all the stars and all the planets, there simply has to be. I'm not counting on it, but I'd like to have a beer with E.T. if it happens in this lifetime. I've strayed... grin! I watched the Stanford project for folding start to grow and while I had a small interest in it, never took the time to actually try it. Being technical, I was leary of putting new unproven software on my machines. Then I forgot about it for a couple years. IT was an issue of Maximum PC that
inspired me to fold... I saw the ad in the rag and decided it was worth another look. I mean, Maximum PC wouldn't ever let me down! Would they? They haven't yet... so I downloaded my first client... it started folding. I felt good that I was able to contribute my idle CPU cycles to a VERY worthy cause. Two that scare me the most are Cancer and Alzheimers. Not that either disease runs in my family but in the event I do get it, it would be great if I was a contributor to the cure for it. I'm in it for the science first but the competition is what drives me onward even more. I'd fold at this point if all stats went away. However, I'm a competitive male and love a challenge. So, I set small goals and try to hasten them along by finding more idle CPUs to recruit. I've got the bug!

Where are you employed?

I am employed as the Server Operations Administrator for a wholesale energy company in NH. We have locations all through New England as well as New York State. We sell a great deal of petroleum based products but also scrap iron, paper products, road salt, table salt, cement, gypsum and some yet to be announced products! My job is simple... keep all the servers running and up to date! Build new ones, retire old ones. I'm a techie that lives for computers and technology. The fact that I get paid to do it is merely a big bonus! (Don't tell them I'd do it for free!!!) I have not been there long but have made a lasting impression and sweeping changes to better the infrastructure in a short time. I've got a lot of ideas that they are willing to work with me on and there's no shortage of work. I love the job and as near as I can tell, they all love me.

Can a wholesale energy company employee save any money on fuel oil or gasoline?

Unfortunately, no... I collect my pay and then have to stop and pay the same price for gas as any other person. No discount on my natural gas either... I do buy gas at stations that we supply and my natural gas does come from the company I work for (ultimately). It would be nice though! I'm sure many before me have been asked the same question.

Being in charge of all those servers - are you tempted to fold on them?

LOL! No, I do not fold on many of the servers... certainly nothing in production! I do fold on a couple of our IT servers that don't require a lot of CPU time. I have two PCs and a laptop that fold for me there... all with permission of course!

The rest of my CPUs are from people I have as clients (outside of Sprague, I do PC support on the side) who fold willingly for me. They are friends, family, customers and one small business (4 CPUs) and they've all been great about it. I simply explain what it is, ask them to try it, and if they find it hinders their performance, I'll come back and remove it immediately. You know, not one has asked me to come remove it though! I have 10 CPUs in my house alone...

What other hobbies or interests do you pursue when not folding?

Woodworking... I love to build things! Below is a pic of one of my pride and joys. This is a totally (outside of the framing) composite deck I built with the help of my wife and kids and a very nice neighbor. I sent some photos to the manufacturer
( http://www.correctdeck.com/photos/showc ... elect.aspx , select Decks) and they used two seen here (first two on the last page).


I do not have a lot of photos of other projects and wish I had taken them! My current projects are just starting though so I'll have to take some before and after shots. We are renovating the entire first floor... tiling the kitchen and adding more cabinets with a breakfast bar. That leads us into the new dining room which was a living room. The other end of the house will be our new living room which will be built by combining two of the kids old bedrooms. Hardwood floors will be installed throughout with the kitchen and bath tiled. The “under-wayâ€

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 Post subject: SpotLight - Number 10 - mikemtp
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SpotLight on mikemtp

mikemtp Started folding on 7/26/05
He has 208,286 points
Processors 21/18

Lets meet mikemtp............... Image

mikemtp is another folder with a great sense of humor, as you will soon see.
He won third place in the Add-A-Box contest and has contributed a considerable
amount to the Plan-A-Box prize list.

Where do you live mikemtp?

I live in Chesapeake,VA with my wife of 12 years, Shannon and 7 year old son
Phillip. My wife and I were stationed on the same ship in the Navy and met on
deployment, the mighty USS Puget Sound (it was a repair ship). After that, I
was stationed on board the USS Briscoe and USS Laboon. During our Navy days,
we were lucky enough to stay in the Hampton Roads* area (*Formerly known as the
Tidewater region, made up of the cities of the southeast area of Virginia).


Mike is 35 years old and loving it - you can tell by the smile.


I'm originally from New Orleans (N'awlins, for those in the know). Couldn't really
find any direction after high school, and the Navy recruiter promised me the
opportunity to see the world, make money for college, blah, blah, blah. Yeah,
I fell for it, for 15 years. I'm glad I did though, wouldn't be where I
am today without him.

Was your first home in New Orleans badly impacted by the flooding?

Actually, only one nephew and one niece's homes took water damage, all the
others only had some wind damage. The levees in the suburbs kept up pretty
well. But things down there are pretty bad. Some of the best paying employers
right now are actually the fast food joints, just can't get people in to work.
Other than my brother, nephew, and great nephew (who were at work), all of my
family made it out and were safe, thank _____ (insert deity of choice).
Flooding and N'awlins go hand in hand, decent storm=flooding. It's going to be
a long time before that area is anything close to what it once was. But you
have to admire the spirit of N'awlins, the first businesses open after

What got you started folding?

I read about Folding@Home in MaximumPC and used it to burn-in PC's that I
built, but never really got into it. My mother-in-law found out she had a
mutated gene that increased a womans chance of getting breast cancer to 87% and
ovarian cancer to 40%. Even worse, this gene is hereditary. Recently, we
found out that my wife didn't get that mutation, but two of her sisters did. The
oldest of the two that have it just had a beautiful baby girl. I've lost people
I loved to cancer:
Bother-in-law/Godfather - lung cancer
Nephew - Eweing's sarcoma (he had the 50th documented case in the US)
One of my best friends - leukemia
And others have survived:
Mother-in-law - breast cancer TWICE
Grandfather - testicular (was worried if "it" would still work....GO GRAMPS!)

So I guess you could say I really started folding for selfish reasons. Then I
started thinking about the people I tend to at work with these horrible
diseases, and I had what recovering alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity.
It gives me a way to help others around the clock, instead of just during
working hours. It gives me a better excuse to keep building machines, and the
competition keeps me going as well.

Where are you employed?

I'm a paramedic with the Virginia Beach Dept. of EMS. It's a really interesting
hybrid as there are only 31 career medics augmenting the 10 individual volunteer rescue
squads, which serve as the primary response for the 425,000+ citizens, and
millions of tourists. Virginia Beach has the largest volunteer rescue
organization in the world. Ever since the first time I saw Johnny and Roy in
Emergency! at the age of five, I knew that I wanted to be a medic. I had
volunteered with Davis Corner Volunteer Rescue in the Beach since '97. While I
was waiting to get out of the Navy with a bad knee, the openings were posted. I
went from serving my country, to serving on a local level. (If anyone living in
the Hampton Roads area is interested in volunteering, PM me). I really love
being a medic. It's not too often you get a chance to do what you wanted since
you were a kid. Only problem is, nobody really asks me how my day went at the
dinner table anymore. I guess I share a little too much.


Public safety is kind of the family trade. Both of my brothers were into
firefighting (career and volley), which I did briefly. One is a captain in
Kenner,LA and was on the job during Katrina. He worked a week straight before
relief showed up. My nephew was a paramedic for awhile and is now the EMS
department administrator at West Jefferson Medical Center in Marrero,LA. My
great nephew is a paramedic, working at the same hospital. They were also on
the job during Katrina.


Left to Right - Brother Harry (Kenner FD Capt), brother Jim (3rd Dist. Vol. FD Capt. Retired),
our Pops (also a Jim, may he rest in peace) and me at 19 as a volly FF (yes, that's a mullet).

Do you get much time between runs to read MaximumPC or whatever?

There usually isn't too much time between calls, as station chores, equipment
check-off/maintenance, and training can pretty much fill a shift. But when I do
get a few minutes of down time, of course I read a little MaxPC. Sometimes
we'll pop in a DVD, but that usually brings the next run. Other things that
bring the next run:
Saying the "Q" word (quiet), or the "S" word (slow).
Trying to sit down to eat.
Not using the bathroom as soon as you can. ("I'll wait", is a disaster waiting
to happen!)
And of course, looking at the clock/your watch close to shift change.

Have you gotten any other paramedics interested in folding? They seem like
a group that would understand why it could be very important.

The majority of the medics, both career and volunteer, that I've talked to
about folding have started. I always point them to 11108, but using my user
name is always optional. I actually encourage them to pick one out for
themselves so they can monitor their own progress, but most go with mine since
I got them to start. Some are skeptical at first, others dive right in. It kind
of helps that I'm the "geek" of the group. "Need to get rid of that
spyware/virus/those kazaa appz? Upgrade memory/video card/hard drive/software?
Sure, I'll be glad to help, and have I got a deal for you!"

What other hobbies or interests do you pursue when not folding.

I collect Code3 fire trucks and GI Joes, those are split between fire/rescue
and military style. I only collect the 12 inch types, I am an adult y'know!
And I couldn't be a rescue geek without collecting Emergency! toys and such.
I even have the lunch box with a thermos!

I also like playing shooters, on PC or PS2 <gasp!>. I'm not as avid about it
as AL, but it's a good way to relieve stress after a long day. Nothing says
relief like a clean head shot with no mess to clean up after!

There's always the movies (Kevin Smith is the man!) and books. The last book
I read was "The Last Men Out" by Tom Downey. It's a history of FDNY's Rescue 2.
Anybody else catching the recurring theme here?



How did you learn about computers?

When I saw my first Commodore64 in K-Mart, I thought that was the coolest
thing ever. We didn't really have the income for one, so I got my fix on friends PCs.
When the Navy went "paperless" I started to learn more (besides Solitaire) out of
necessity. My in-laws were the ones that really got me interested. My father- in-law
kept up with the hardware, and my mom-in-law does web design for a local HMO. I bought
my first PC from a local company, it was a P2-400, 64Mb RAM, 4Gb HDD. Truly cutting
edge! After a couple of upgrades through them at what I thought were fair prices,
I saw MaximumPC on a news stand. Clouds parted and
the light shone down on me. I decided right then, that I was going to do it on my
own after that! My upgrades were mine until '03, when I built my first PC.
Built at least a dozen since then. Some for friends/family, some just because.
Now mostly for folding!

What hardware are you currently running?

My main rig is an Athlon X2 4200+, 2Gb OCZ Platinum, MSI K8N Neo4 Platimum, XFX
7800GT, 2x 250Gb MaxLineIII HDDs, NEC3540A and HP 640i Lightscribe burners,
Mitsumi floppy/card reader, Audigy2 ZS in a Kingwin KT-424 case. Logitech MX
duo, Creative 5.1 speakers, and a 19" LCD round it out.

For folders? I have 1x P4 2.8 HT (wife's), 3x P4 3.0 HT, A64 3000+, AthlonXP
3200+ (son's), Emachines M6811 lappie, a 2.0 Celeron lappie, and a Mac Mini.
All have 1Gb RAM. Will be adding another P4 3.0 and A64 3800+ to the mix soon!
Thinking of going the server route with the P4 (can't believe I've gotten this
far without one), and using the A64 as a replacement for my son's gamer.

I use a D-Link DI-634 wireless router and 8 port gigabit switch to keep
everything connected. Eventually, I'm going to have the house completely


Do you build your own computers today?

Of course! There's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment with that first
(successful) boot after putting in your time, sweat, and sometimes blood
(no tears here, Mary!). I've done builds for friends and family, situated to
their needs. Whenever someone talks about buying a new PC, I ask them what
they're looking for, and do a competitive workup. Sometimes I win, sometimes not.
At least they end up knowing a little more, and might ask me for their next one!

Do you overclock any machines?

My first ever build was an AthlonXP 2500 OC'd to 2.2Ghz. But that was kind of
easy. I play around with an OC after a build to see how stable I can get it,
then I put it back to stock. I usually end up selling some of my builds for a
significant discount (provided they continue to fold, of course), and most of
the people I sell to don't fit into the "enthusiast" area.

What are the main things you use your computers for today?

My main rig is mainly for gaming, shooters from the original Doom to
Call of Duty 2. Most of the everyday stuff I do on the Celly lappie in my den.
Sometimes I take the Emachines lappie to work (if it's a "slow" station) to
fill time. The Mac is a great little platform to learn Mac OSX. It's a decent
performer (but a slow folder), I'm starting to dabble with Adobe and Macromedia
apps on it. The P4 2.8 is my wife's, and the XP 3200+ is my son's. The only thing
in common for all? FOLDING!!!

What Broadband provider do you use - are you happy with their service?

I've been with Cox since it was Cox@Home. I've never had a problem with the service,
and they're constantly upgrading speeds around here. I can't remember the last time
they had an outage, maybe during hurricane Isabel in 2003. It was their people that
told me I needed a new modem before mine had the chance to go paws up. Now if they
would only do something about their cable prices....

What do you like most about Folding and the MaximumPC forum.

With folding, it's possible to do your own thing, and still be part of a team
working towards a final goal. All you need is a PC (or Mac) and you're set!
We're working to cure some of the most horrible diseases on the planet, in and
of itself, how is that NOT worth it? The competition is fun, watching it unfold
on the forums is even better. I like that no one takes it personal when someone
else is coming up on them, but encourages them to keep running with it. It
really helps facilitate my building addiction, too.

As for the Forums, there's a wealth of information in there. Tips to boost
production, troubleshooting help, and all things folding. I don't think there's
been a time when I didn't find an answer to any question I've had. And of
course, we can't forget our very own entertainment: Team Monkey's quest to rule
the world, Monsterbuilder's tales of Ratzilla, and of course, Al being,.....

What are your future folding plans?

Immediate plans are to be in the Top 50 before years end, which puts HeadSpin in
my sights (don't worry about that little red dot HS, you won't see it too
long!). Eventually playing catch up with n0b0dykn0ws,...and passing him! After
that, I just hope to hold off david.l.moore a little while, that guy scares me!
I'm just glad he's on our side! All the while, talking up more people about
folding (or as it's become affectionately labeled around here "the gospel
according to Pande") and Team MaximumPC.

mikemtp thanks for agreeing to do this SpotLight.
You do a great job folding, support every contest and are a regular forum contributor.
We all appreciate your dedication.

*As originally posted by gsmitheman

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 Post subject: SpotLight - Number 11 - gsmitheman
PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2005 3:32 am 
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SpotLight on gsmitheman

gsmitheman started folding on 3/29/05
He has an unknown number of points
19 processors are folding somewhere from his efforts
This crazy talk will be explained below

Lets meet gsmitheman............... Image

Where do you call home these days?

I call home Forest Hill Maryland. I live there with my wife and son, Daisy the dog (who you have all met in my avatar) and Dizzy the cat. I am 62 years old. I started life in Union NJ. and lived there for 21 years. Moved to Maryland in 1965. I have two other children from an earlier marriage (a daughter 38 and a son 40). Boy that makes you feel old saying things like that.




What got you started folding?

A small spot in MaximumPC magazine got me started back in March 05'. GM and thunar really got me going well. I am probably somewhat motivated by my having a form of Leukemia called CML. It and a few other problems had slowed me down enough that I needed a hobby I could do without standing and walking very much.

Where are you employed?

I am retired since Dec 1989 from Lucent Technologies. I was very fortunate to retire at age 46. Actually worked most of my career when they were known as Western Electric (part of the Bell System). From 1965 to retirement all my jobs were computer related. Computer (main frame) operator, coordinator, supervisor, programmer. Worked shift work for many years. Liked the night shifts more than days back then. Do anything you can do for eight hours to get a full schedule done and thousands of people something to work on the next day. I enjoyed my work and they always had you going to training.

What other hobbies or interests do you pursue when not folding.

Film photography was a childhood hobby. Had a darkroom and all that goes along with that. Digital photography was a natural transition and made easier by the earlier knowledge.
Investments interested me very much. Even started a club with some neighbors at one time.
I really got heavily into woodworking after retirement. Built a shop in the basement and kept adding tools. It was much like adding computers, networking, new applications, etc. is today on the computer. When you get a new tool you have to learn to use it. Next you start making projects that make use of it. Wood routers really give you a new dimension to work with. I built quite a few projects over 10 years of woodworking. I decided early on I would take pictures of everything I built so I would have something to look at in the nursing home. Also many of the projects were for relatives and friends and some were going out of state. I may never see them again.

Toyohtadude recently said he was interested in woodworking and that got me to scan in all the pictures and put them online. It's a good thing I did since they were starting to deteriorate. Anyone that's interested in seeing those project pictures here is a link. Link to Project Pictures Click Here

When the woodworking was to much I switched back to computers (Late 2001). The PCs had really gotten more capable and the Internet was in full swing. It was good to be learning something new again. I started buying machines, each more capable.

Then I started building them and that was really fun. It started to get a little boring until I found folding. All the machines had a use and there were new things to learn again.

How did you learn about computers?

I was a late bloomer I didn't get interested in computers until after I retired.
Reading MaximumPC magazine and finding info on the Internet. Didn't have any other friends who even wanted to talk about computers. My first scary contact with PCs was adding 256KB of memory to an IBM P3 800MHZ. That machine is now folding in Al's basement in Cleveland. The first build was done on my dining room table. The first one is the most exciting. Everything is new and scary.

I have built six now and have been very fortunate. All have booted the first time. Only one Abit MB ever had to be RMA back to NewEgg (actually twice - so I gave up and switched to Asus). The hardware gods have watched over me very well. I like to help folks order the parts they need and then I watch them do their first build. I never touch anything during the build - they do everything themselves. I'm just there for moral support and to answer questions.

What hardware are you currently running?

AT my house:

AMD 3800 X2 dual core, 1GB
Dell 9100 PD820 dual core 2.8GHZ, 1 GB
Home build P4 HT 2.8GHZ, 1 GB
Dell 3000 P4 2.8GHZ, 512MB
Dell 4550 2.4GHZ, 512MB
Dell 8200 1.8GHZ, 1 GB
Dell 8200 1.8GHZ, 512MB
Home build AMD XP 3000+, 1 GB
Home build AMD XP 3000+, 512MB
Portable Cel 1.5 GHZ 512MB

Brother in NJ - 4550 2.4 GHZ, 512MB
Brother in Law - Sony PD820 Dual core 1 GB
Nephew - Sony PD820 Dual Core 1 GB
friend - Compaq p3 1.2GHZ 384MB

At this point I want to dispel the rumors that I am too neat to be a geek.



Do you overclock any machines?

I have not overclocked anything yet. Last night I finished building an AMD 3800 X2 and will probably check with Phred and give it a try on that machine.

What are the main things you use your computers for today?

Folding - a hobby that never gets boring.
Maximizing your results, adding hardware, controlling power costs. controlling heat, greeting folks, staying current on the forum, looking for new ideas, seeing what the competition is doing, it never ends (thanks for that - something that doesn't get boring).

Photography - fix pictures for others and shoot all family get togethers. Try to actually take portraits at the get togethers instead of snapshots nobody ever really cares about. Make calendars for family members. Using old family pictures or current photos of children. Pictures I put in albums or even online get looked at once or twice and then just sit there. A calendar gets every collage looked at for a full month. Think about a photo calendar for your Mom or Dad, sisters or brothers. They will enjoy your effort all year.

Buying hardware online. That's a never ending area of interest. Always checking for sales and building the next machine in my head.

What Broadband provider do you use - are you happy with their service?

Comcast - currently at 4.5 MB down not sure what up is anymore but it gets the job done well enough.
They have been very reliable on the node I'm on. But it is an almost totally residential node. I'm told that folks on heavy business routes have far more interruptions ( probably construction and more activity). Expensive at $45/month.
I would give DSL a try but they don't serve my area yet.

What do you like most about Folding and the MaximumPC forum.

The sharing of information and how everyone gets along together trying to reach a common goal. The folks with a keen sense of humor very often make my day. Why don't you tight butts loosen up. You know who you are.


I don't fold under my own username since I made top100. I prefer to fold with different folks from time to time and try to make things happen that will be good for the entire team. I may get back to folding under my username in the future (perhaps when we are in fourth place and have a nice margin from the team in 5th.

I get considerable pleasure out of being a part of creating the SpotLights.

And finally it seems like there is almost always a reason to celebrate (at least there is on our team).

What are your future folding plans?

Keep doing anything I can think of to help our team move up in the rankings thereby delivering the following product to our folding brothers and sisters on teams above us.


Personally trying to produce more points using less electric from BGE.
I follow GM's advice - Upgrade your hardware and give older folders to family and friends to keep power costs under control.

Making next summer a real plus for the MaximumPC folding team. We held our own well last summer when other teams faded. I think with some good ideas from everyone we can do much better in the summer of 2006'. Late winter - early spring that discussion will hopefully start to take place.

I enjoy doing SpotLights on other folders much more than doing my own.
I look forward to the next one. I don't get volunteers for SpotLights very often. So you may find a PM coming your way soon, asking you to be in the SpotLight (check your mail). See you all around the forum.

*As originally posted by gsmitheman

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 Post subject: SpotLight - Number 12 - Blondie - Merry Christmas
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Merry Christmas - Happy New Year - Fabulous Folding

SpotLight on Blondie

Blondie started folding on 10/10/04
She has an unknown number of points
Processors are detailed below

Lets meet Blondie............... Image
Folding Name A few actually:
Roselvr – original name
MattyK – started for my dad
TeamMPC-Collective – my main user name

Where do you call home Blondie?

The Pinelands of New Jersey, where I live with my husband Hogan, two great children and several hundred rose bushes.




This picture was just stuck in by G and has no rhyme or reason other than it is of Blondie.

What got you started folding?

I started folding after reading about 2 people here on the forums. The biggest influence on me was RickSickle’s little boy, who at under 2 years old had cancer. My heart broke for Rick, his wife and his sweet, innocent little boy, as I read a thread I found about his illness. I wasted no time getting to Stanford and installing it on my box. Having two kids myself that are fairly healthy and a nephew that has autism, I wanted to help out since I consider myself very lucky. I also know someone from another forum that had a really rough time with chemo. For a while I didn’t think he’d survive. Now, my own dad has cancer, AML Leukemia, and has a 14% chance of survival. Watching my own dad go through 5 straight days of radical chemo, I couldn’t imagine any child having to endure that. Since posting this spotlight, my dad's fight has ended 2/6/06. He gave the fight his all, and died peacefully in his own bedroom with my son holding his left hand and me holding his right. RIP dad, I'm going to miss you.


Where are you employed Blondie?

I used to work for my Dad in his Service Station.


I’m not employed now due to a back injury. People see me comment about it, but no one knows how bad it is. I am in chronic excruciating pain most times, meaning my pain never goes away. I am in less pain once my meds kick in, but that is short-lived, and as the day goes on I get cranky as the pain increases.

What other hobbies or interests to you have besides folding?

I love roses, and currently grow close to 200 with various perennials and no landscaping plants. The gardens have had to fend for themselves the last few years since I’m unable to really care for them the way I used to. I’ve been debating about calling a rose society and donating close to 100 roses so that others can enjoy them.

I also like to build computers and if my back weren’t so bad I’d consider doing this as a home business. Last week dad and I were talking, he'd love to set up a table in his basement so that we can build computers together.

Another favorite is sewing although I haven’t in a while. I used to make fabric dolls, doll clothes, clothes for American Girl dolls as well as clothes, comforters and a Christening Gown for my daughter when she was a baby. I’d love to have a sewing room.

How did you learn about computers?

I’m self-taught where computers are concerned. At one time I swore I would never own one because my dad used to have me insert floppies in his old Win 95 (I think) computer. I worked for him pumping gas, on slow days I would sit in the back and feed the machine L A few years ago I needed information on a shrub, a Hydrangea and somehow went online and found a place called Gardenweb. I would go back to this website every now and then when I needed gardening info. After blowing that computer up, Hogan lent me some money to buy a Compaq 5475 from a wholesale club. One day it wouldn’t boot, so I brought it in for repairs. I got tired of waiting for it to come back so I went out and bought another Compaq (5000US). The 5475 came back and wouldn’t boot. Process of elimination, keyboard & mouse went bad. It was then that I swore no one would ever work on my computer again.

Do you build computers?

Hogan & I really got the bug from the Compaq 5000US. What a dog that thing was- it crashed all of the time even after a memory & vid card upgrade. We decided to buy XP Home and put it over a fresh install of Win ME. That computer was great after that. It wasn’t until he outgrew the 5000 that we got into building machines. I ended up giving him the better computer (Compaq 8000Z BTO) he had purchased and I took the 5000. The 5000 couldn’t keep up with me and after being taunted by the Maximum PC issues “Build your ownâ€

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 Post subject: SpotLight - Number 13 - jonnyquest - Merry Christmas
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SpotLight on jonnyquest

jonnyquest started folding on 8/19/05
He has 70,310 points
Processors 13/8

Lets meet jonnyquest............... Image

jonnyquest where do you call home these days?

I live in upstate NY, halfway between NYC and Canada, Glens Falls actually. With my wife, Chris and Daughter Alexa. Chris is a nurse for a Cardiologist and works part time in the Emergency Care Center (E.R.) Alexa's real Dad died of colon cancer before she was born, so I am the only Dad she has known. She is 6 years old and mildly Autistic, yet displays great affection and is outgoing, which is somewhat uncharacteristic of autistic children. I have another Daughter who is 9 years old living with my ex wife, she loves computers and is in the "young scholars" program, she is quite gifted and has the vocabulary to prove it! Chris has a 13 year old son living with her ex, he is a farm boy, and we live a little to urban for his tastes.




What do you like best about living in upstate NY?

While in the Navy I traveled to Europe, the Caribbean and Norway, getting to see that part of the world and how beautiful it is was amazing. Coming back to upstate NY and seeing it in a new light was even more amazing! I could not believe what I saw every day, yet did not really "see". I live close to the Adirondack park / Lake George, anyone who has been there in the summer or fall can attest to its' beauty!


I have a friend who loves to climb the 46 peaks in your state. He is almost finished with his first time for all 46.
He has met families on the trail that have done it 6-7 times. He meets a friend who flies in from the mid-west to climb with him. Climbing and hiking the trails must be as addictive as folding.

As a younger man I spent much time in the woods, the necessity of the thing called "work" precludes me from enjoying nature as much as I would like. I spend time camping in the summer with my family.

What got you started folding?

I got started folding by switching my phone to Vonage. I had a problem getting my $50 rebate from them. I was a subscriber to MPC magazine, and I figured the dog would give them a woof. I found the MPC forums and signed up, venting my frustrations with Vonage. I then found a forum on overclocking (a hobby) I saw references to folding at home everywhere, and thought to myself "these guys are nuts, talking about folding (laundry?) at home...... I saw enough references to pique my interest, and did a little more research.... a month later I was adding yet more boxes and shooting for 800 ppd as a goal.

I have Vonage also, and had trouble getting my rebate also. I finally gave them a date on which I would cancel if I didn't have my $50 check in hand. They got it to me in time.

Where are you employed?

I learned my trade in the US Navy, working on Submarines (not Sub crew, repair ship crew) mostly we were rusted to the pier, the last year of my duty we went to Norway as part of a large exercise, I found out recently it was quite important (discovery channel said we set up a submarine attack on Russia to see what they would do, and they did the unexpected and pulled back to defend the Mother country, which helped end the cold war) we received a Meritorious unit commendation , but no one knew what it was for at the time (1988). We just knew there was a big party in Bergen, Norway. (Very nice!!!)
I work as a machinist for a small government contractor making valve components for the Submarine fleet. My knowledge of the Navy Quality program and Military specifications has been invaluable to me in my present position, I also wrote and implement our instrument calibration system.

What other hobbies or interests do you pursue when not folding?

The men in my family have all been Volunteer Firefighters. My Dads uncle "Sparky" was killed in the line of duty, Sparky's son is still in the fire company along with my Dad, I went inactive after 12 years to spend more time with my family. I am a Master scuba diver, certified in deep, night, ice, search and recovery and equipment specialist. I am also certified as a rescue diver. I am fortunate to have participated in several successful rescues, usually involving at least four of the following; Boat, alcohol, dam, swift water, not so swift people. I have also been in the unfortunate situation of having recovered three people. I live near the Hudson river, which is where 90% of our SCUBA calls are. Lake George is also close by but not in our district, that is where the tour boat recently flipped over, killing twenty senior citizens and making the national headlines. I prefer to dive in the Caribbean to the Hudson, as there is certainly much more to see. My wife and I take vacation at Sandals resorts in Negril, Jamaica.


How did you learn about computers?

I realized in the early 90's that you would have to know computers to function in society. At the time they scared me, my friends were talking babbletalk about their computers "The new Pentium isn't released because it runs too hot, they may need to cool it with water" "I want a sound card to play games" "4 mega ram" "made a batch file" I didn't understand a word they were saying, and it was time to learn. I bought magazines and read, read, read. I bought a computer. I played with software, I screwed up my computer.... I learned to format and reinstall the OS. Software got boring, time to tinker with and upgrade hardware. Long story short, I was soon fixing friends and family computers, then strangers who PAID me!!!!

What hardware are you currently running?

Main computer is an X2 3800+
1Gb Dual channel Kingston
SATA drive
GeForce 6200 256MB Video
ASUS A8V Deluxe
Water cooled

The twins
Celeron D 340
1GB DDR400
Machspeed P4M800

Daughters box
A64 3500+
1Gb Dual Channel
Asus A8V Deluxe

Various other boxes
Sempron 2300
Athlon 1200+
Athlon XP 2500+

Do you build your own computers today?

I wouldn't have it any other way, unless the price is VERY cheap.

Do you overclock any machines?

I overclock ALL my machines, the X2 3800+ runs at 25% over, the 3500+ runs a little less, the twin Celerons run at 20% over.

They are all tweaked to run stable running FAH, they have been up for many weeks with no crashes.

What are the main things you use your computers for today?

Folding at Home. I don't like to even play games anymore.... I'm usually checking Electron Microscope and EOC stats. It's a sickness, I tell you!!!

What Broadband provider do you use - are you happy with their service?

I had Time warner roadrunner and loved that. We moved across town and had to switch to Adelphia. I liked Roadrunner way better.

What do you like most about Folding and the MaximumPC forum?

I love the sense of competition, the sense of doing something worthwhile to better society, what I like best is the sense of community in our forum.

What are your future folding plans?

Top 100, over 2000 PPD

jonnyquest thanks for agreeing to do this SpotLight.
Top100 and over 2000 ppd won't be that long. I'll be back to check on your new goals when those are behind you.

*As originally posted by gsmitheman

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 Post subject: SpotLight - Number 14 - Spider Monkey
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SpotLight on Spider Monkey

Spider Monkey Started folding on 7/11/04
His Team has 415,487 points
Processors 46/33

Lets meet Spider Monkey.......Image........Image

Spider is actually the ring leader of Team Monkey and he has several other monkeys on the payroll.

Where do you call home these days?

These days, I reside in the beautiful liberal state of Northern California. Not to be mistaken with the beautiful
liberal state of Southern California (We have the mountains. They have the beaches).
I live with my wife, Mrs. Monkey, and our pup TJ. He is a West Highlands White Terrier (or something like that).
I refer to him as the Monopoly dog when describing him.

Image <-- This is him being active.

He's a devil, but I need something to kick around when I'm bored.

The parent Monkeys use to reside not far from me, but they recently up and sold there house and everything in it,
and purchased a 50 foot catamaran. They are currently living on a private island in the Bahamas called Manjack Cay
with one other couple that owns one of the two houses there (the other one, Papa Monkey built). Momma Monkey did
battle cancer when I was a little monkey, but I was really too young to get emotionally involved. I just remember
her being bald (that was the scary part) and very sick for a while. That is the closest to disease that I have
ever been (with the exception of people actually dieing) to someone that could potentially be affect by what we
do here.

What got you started folding?

I'll give you the god's honest truth. When MPC broke from Delphi a few years back I was extremely excited,
because I could no longer visit that pissland of a forum community (work blocked it). I promptly arrived here,
and with little time, the Goat, Athlon, GC, Urmums, and I had completely taken over the Lifestyle Lounge.
There was not much posting back then (usually 4-5 other people once or twice a day not including previously
said individuals), and pretty much every thread consisted of us just talking back and forth laughing
hysterically at occasional passerbyers getting pissed at us. Needless to say, that didn't last very long so
when I got bored, I jumped into this folder. I knew very little about Folding, and never got involved on
Delphi, because the F@H forum didn't have enough traffic to ever keep my attention. Few days later I
installed F@H (version 4.##? I think?) to my home Laptop.
I turned in my first WU within a few days, and never looked back. It became all about the points for me.
I wanted production.

I went to work and started putting F@H on everything. They only system I had access to that I couldn't
get F@H on was Momma Monkey's (go figure - note previous mention about Cancer scare). Now days, its more
about the community than anything else.

Without the community I'd still be folding, but I wouldn't be anywhere near as aggressive about it.

Where are you employed?

I work in a zoo, just like everyone else that is employed. Those that don't think they are in a zoo, really
need to sit down and think about what I portray and how I represent it for a few hours. I will tell you
this much. It is healthcare related. I have been in the healthcare industry my entire working/adult life
be it on the care, provider, insurance, or carrier side of the business. I've done practically everything
but become a doctor. (Which explains my serious frustrations when computer nerds and high schoolers start
to talk together in this forum about healthcare, be it the Canadian system or the US system, because 99%
of them don't know what they are talking about).

Then of course there is my other employment (Which Smashing is convinced is working for Future Networks
in some way shape or form, but I still cannot confirm or deny that until Manta tells me if we actually
worked at NASA together in the past).

What other hobbies or interests do you pursue when not folding?

While my machines are folding, I can be caught doing any of the following....

Wheeling would have to be my biggest enjoyment in life.
Recently, thanks to Jipster finding a gold mine online, I just purchased a new rear bumper with Tire
carrier and CB Antenna mount. That install will be found in the LL or Modder's Madhouse folders
(yet to be determined). Thanks JIP!
I usually take 2-3 official group runs (with TTORA guys - Toyota Tacoma Off Road Association),
5-6 little solo missions, and then one Jeep Jamboree every year.

I did the install yesterday all by myself with assistance from my trusty Hi-Lift Jack. The out come
is beautiful! Here are some pics that I took when finished.


Image <------ this is
my homey that came over to watch me do the install. He didn't help one bit. He just sat in the house
the whole time and stared at the wall.

I also enjoy open wheel racing. Outside participating in a few Skip Barber Racing events
(with a Dodge Viper) I've only been following primarily Formula One and Champ Car since I was a
little fur ball, and this year was the first year I could not catch all the races, because everything
has moved to cable, and I no longer have the time or effort to get cable or satellite television.


Paul Tracy is my #1 now that Michael Andretti is retired. He's one bad ass Canadian living that
Las Vegas lifestyle!!! But the bastard is going NASCAR on me so I'll need a new person to root for.

I'm not sure if you can count drinking beer as a hobby, but heck, if Wine tasting can be a hobby,
then I am an EXPERT beer connoisseur.


My favorites would include:
-Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
-Newcastle Brown Ale
-Guinness meal
-an occasional Heineken

It pains me to log onto the forums and see TWball's avatar. It makes me wish beer 30 was right around
the corner. There is nothing finer than a 12 pack and a large pizza from a new local start-up here called
Cool River Pizza. I'm sure its nothing like those damn New York style pizzas that everyone raves about,
but its damn tasty! As for pizza, if you put on veggies other than olives or mushrooms,

How did you learn about computers?

That is probably something I have in common with many of us in the forum. I just sort of fell into it.
When I was a senor in high school, everyone was required to do a "project" to graduate. I chose to build
a computer because Momma Monkey said she would fork out the dough, if I was willing to built it so I could
have one for college. If I recall she put down 5 grand for the project and I was able to get everything
top of the line (considering that back then computers were NOT cheap, and the new PI had just come out
and it was SMOKING fast. lol) In fact I still have the machine in my future Folding department.

Image<------- That's it on
the right next to my Hi Lift Jack. The hard drive (I cannot for the life of me remember which one of you
sent that to me) sitting on top will go into the machine on the left. The other two are fully functional
boxes waiting for Internet access (the one on the right is Mrs. Monkey's. This is the warehouse in my
Future Folding Department. Note the organized box of misc. wires. Yes TWBalls, that Hyundai flat panel
box still has the Mobo you sent me. And Yes Dan O. That USPS box has the Mobo you sold to Drew before
he joined the service. I took it off his hands since he was not going to use it and so he could break
even on the transaction (guess I should use it huh. LOL)

From there, my love-hate relationship with computing just evolved over time to where it is today.
After high school, I went on to Junior college and from there, to UOP when I was in the first class
to graduate with a new degree called eBusiness (combining Business Management with Computer Science).
This endeavor led me to purchasing my first laptop for scholastic use and that rig later became my first
folding machine. My area of focus has always been Software expertise and it remains that today,
how ever I do anticipate building another rig someday when my laptop is sent to the grave.

What hardware are you currently running?

My main rig at home is the previously mentioned laptop (don't know any specs other than it is a PIII).
She is sort of the grandmother of team Spider Monkey. She sits and folds and I don't pay any attention to her.

At work I run on primarily two Dell P4 2.40GHz with a GB of RAM. Everything else is obscure and what
ever I can get my hands on like laptops that always find their way into my office.

As for my fellow teammates, they have more machines running than I even know about. lol

Do you overclock any machines?

I have never overclocked anything in my life unless you count the lawnmower that I have to some how
keep alive for 2 seasons out of the year. Someday, if I ever get back into hardware and find a need
for OCing, I'll look into it.

Image<---- This is
just an excuse to post a picture of the rear bumper and tow hitch I removed from my rig. Anyone need
a TJ rear bumper?

What are the main things you use your computers for today?

Outside of work, I really only use computers to fold, send emails, feed an online gaming addiction
(text based MMORPG's that IamDeMan and I can't seem to stop playing), and shop. Shopping online has
got to be one of the best things to come out of the Internet. Avoiding actual stores and the people I love
that are in them has been a godsend (Sorry GS, I will only say bubblehead once - I mean twice. ).

What Broadband provider do you use - are you happy with their service?

HAHAHAHAHAHOHOHHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHA!â„¢ I rock with Dial up at home, and I'm very satisfied with it considering
the amount of time I spend online at home. After 40-50 hours during the week on a computer, I try to
take a break at home. I literally spend my entire work day on the damn thing (hence my overwhelming
ability to post like a rabid animal).

What do you like most about Folding and the MaximumPC forum.

For folding, it would have to be the community. Where else can we come together in a place, with politics
and beliefs aside and get along for a common cause. Sure 90% of our time is spent looking for
Witty Banter, but the important aspects get their due time even if it results in someone getting spanked
by the Momerator, or gagging me long enough to keep a serious conversation on track.
For the forum, I do admit that it is on top of my list simply because of the personalities and access to
information. There are all walks of life in the MPC and there is something to be learned from everyone
be it by watching Gamer grow up in a reality already consumed with information technology, talking Jeeps
with the Jipster assisting people like Blondie to just get through her troubles - one day at a time,
making sure Athlon stays in school even if that means the occasional born again virgin/I'm drunk tonight
conversation, bumping the beach ball with forum legends such as Whitecree, brutally bring a
(you know what) to the point of tears via verbal destruction with GC, etc.
Bottom line though, I wouldn't still be here folding with any of you today if it was not for the mutual
respect -[Ch]ams and I build over the past few years (after the event that shall not be mentioned) and
the other true friendships that have developed.

What are your future folding plans?

Plans are always up in the air when it comes to Team Monkey. Some day, I would like to see us cross the
1 million point barrier, I would like to see us in the top ten, and I would like to see more monkeys!
Monkeys are fun and the driving force behind everything this team produces. We wouldn't even be in the
top 50 if it wasn't for everyone else folding with me in the cage. Oh, and that damn TeamMPC-collective.....
its going down Bondie!!!

On a final note:

Never forget how to WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!â„¢ people.


Spider thanks for doing this SpotLight and giving everyone more insight
into your life. Keep finding more monkeys and make that first million points real soon then get started on the second.
We are all counting on you and the team.

*As originally posted by gsmitheman

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 Post subject: SpotLight - Number 15 - Staypuff
PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2006 4:01 am 
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SpotLight on Staypuff

Staypuff started folding on (see below)
He is part of Team Monkey which has 436,951 points
Processors (Team Monkey) 47/29

Lets meet Staypuff............... Image

Where do you call home these days staypuff?
I'm also curious where you came up with the name staypuff.

-My father was in the military so I've lived everywhere in Canada and even Europe. Now I reside in Winnipeg. I'm 38 years old and the only real family other than my mother here in Winnipeg is my brother who's in the Air Force who lives north of Edmonton in Cold Lake AFB.

Where did I come up with the nickname staypuff. Well it's a badly misspelled form of that big marshmallow monster from Ghostbusters (staypufft) I think it was. Has something to do with my last name.

How about that, my parents both came from Canada. I have a number of relatives living just 90 miles above Winnipeg. I visited once and they live a much different life than I do down here. Rural, Indians, sports (softball, hardball, hockey, knurling) and cold - lots of cold. One of them owns 1500 acres of land but it is so barren it will only support 60 head of cattle. A much different life.
I must tell you that staypuff was concerned about me discussing cattle after the last time Spider visited Wisconsin and none of the cows would produce milk for several months.

What got you started folding?

-I started folding when I lived in Vancouver several years ago. I don't even remember what username I had as I didn't know much about it other than a little blurb in MaxPC. I thought it was neat that they could harness the power of several hundred thousand processors to simulate a super computer. My father died of a very serious bone cancer called multiple myoloma but this didn't factor into things until I started getting more serious about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago when I put the client on both my laptops as well as my main rig. Recent events have just solidified my dedication to folding with bigtoyota's friend and Blondie's dad.

Where are you employed?

-I am the General Manager of an Applebee's here in Winnipeg. It's a bit different than I'm used to as I've run mainly upper scale casual or fine dining. I worked for another company before this (The Elephant & Castle Pub and Restaurant) building restaurants across Canada.

I had a friend that owned a House of Pancakes. He could barely find time to play poker. He had a never ending series of stories about problems with help and also with the franchise itself. Made my 40 hour/week job sound easy by comparison.


Management Team in Winnipeg - Daryl is the handsome dude second from the right


Staff in Toronto

What other hobbies or interests do you pursue when not folding?

-Other than editing home movies (I have 8 years worth of my niece growing up to edit and convert from VHS to DVD) I'm into martial arts. I've jumped around and learned several mainly Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Aikido, and some Ninjitsu from a guy that trained under Stephen Hayes who trains a lot of the U.S. special forces and CIA at his camp, in Oregon I think it's located.

You didn't mention travel but here we see you enjoying California.


Golden Gate Site-seer with a big smile.


Napa Valley wine taster - absent the smile

How did you learn about computers?

-I started out with a Vic 20 ages ago. I never really got into it until about 5 years ago my kitchen manager in Vancouver was totally into it. We created some inventory tracking software that our main national supplier wanted to copy. It's been all self taught or learning from others like the wizards on this forum.

What hardware are you currently running?

-I currently have running an Athlon XP 3000+ with 1 gig ram, a 1.1 ghz laptop and a 750 mhz laptop. I also use my pocket pc on my wireless network to surf the Internet while I'm chilling in the backyard. I've also got wireless speakers out there and can control my machines on the inside through the wireless network. (learned this from Smartcat when I was trying to help Spider out with his ppd)

Do you build your own computers today?

-My main rig I built myself. There is basically nothing left of my original AMD XP 2000+. I'd love to do more but I can barely find the time to enjoy what I have than to build others. I'm also waiting to see what develops in the dual core arena as it is still pretty new. Once it has matured a bit more I can assure you I will be building a kick ass rig which will be folding.


Do you overclock any machines?

- I tried overclocking my main rig but I'm one of those unlucky individuals that received one of those procs that doesn't do overly well with it. Once I build another one I'm going to use more extravagant cooling and power so it should go better.

What are the main things you use your computers for today?

-Since I don't have a lot of time on my hands whatever time there is I like to be entertained. I very much like movies and music and playing video games, Call of Duty, Halo, Pariah, Doom 3...
I've sort of half assed built my own media center pc. I've got an S-video connection to my TV, an external capture device from my TV to the computer, all laptops connected to the main rig over a wireless network, wireless speakers and once a proper wireless video device comes out that will be next. I've also started researching modules that you can buy to control a number of appliances and other electronics using your computers and over the Internet (the modules I've been looking at are the X 10's)
When I was in Vancouver I talked to one of Bill Gate's friends and he told me about how he had his new house in Washington set up and it sounded great so I've been trying to research how to do this without having billions of $$$$.

What Broadband provider do you use - are you happy with their service?

-My phone company provides my dsl link and I'm quite happy. They've increased my speed twice without charging for it because they're trying to compete with the cable company. It's MTS (Manitoba Telephone System). I'm trying to convince Spider to get off his damn dial up so I can send him an extra wireless station and card I have. Be neat to have Team Monkey set up video conferences....LOL

What do you like most about Folding and the MaximumPC forum?

-Wow where to start. I was a lurker on a lot of forums including this one for quite some time. How everyone interacted even the flaming and disagreements seemed fun almost like a close family. The dedication of people like Blondie and yourself. The technical expertise of the vets like G.M. Waters, TWBalls, Thunar, and countless others, the rip out your throat never say die attitude of our leader Six, but most of all Spider Monkey's sense of humor and I don't give a shit attitude cracks me up.
When I saw how everyone was gunning for him I decided to join up with him ASAP. Since then a number of great people have joined us like our big gorilla cousin Lodis4, the orangutan bigtoyota479, I'm the chimp... I noticed some members got quite upset about the competition and such which I never understood. Everyone is in this to help the science which is obvious. But having the competition just makes it more fun and interesting. I would never have stayed or been as involved as I am now without it.
There was one individual (who shall remain nameless that was very upset about the competition and collectives) they were spouting about how it should be all about the science and individual gains. If they were so concerned about the science they would never have been upset in the first place. Enough of my ranting. Basically the MaxPC forums and all the great people involved keep me interested. It's something you don't see on other forums. From the energy and dedication of people helping others and recognizing accomplishments to Team Monkey's energy and dedication to pissing everyone off and ruling the world... oops I shouldn't have said that out loud, crap.

What are your future folding plans?

-Shout out to Xenolyth over in Iraq we'll pass you soon brother even though you've got some help recently LOL. And to AL and Monsterbuilder we'll be seeing you soon. And you can't blame the rats on this one it'll be the Monkeys.
Our big goal is Top 10 however and the million point club. The crew there have been nice enough not to ban primates so that's a good thing. We also need to catch Blondie and her allies, she's quite the competitor though so it should be interesting.

Staypuff thanks very much for agreeing to this SpotLight.
Your comments on the forum are always calm and well thought out.
You bring good judgment and reason to the discussion.
I'm still trying to figure out how you ever got tied up with that wacko bunch of monkeys.
I guess it's proven true again - opposites attract.

*As originally posted by gsmitheman

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 Post subject: SpotLight - Number 16 - idaiki/BigM
PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 6:09 am 
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SpotLight on idaiki/BigM

idaiki started folding on 8/17/04
He has 22851 points
Processors 6/2, he has several lent out
Folding as BigM

Lets meet idaiki............... Image

Where do you call home these days?

My wife, the wonderful Miss BigM, our son, who we are extremely glad to still have with us after going through open heart surgery at a little over two months old who is now 2yo, and myself call Presque Isle, Maine our home. For those who don't know where Maine is let alone where I am, grab yourself a map, good now point to NYC (New York City), good now go northeast and you will find Maine. Now if you look way up there you will see the Canadian border I am 15 minutes/ 20 miles from it. (Contrary to popular belief we also use the dog sleds to get to the bars too, not just back and forth to town for supplies.)

Just for a little perspective for those of you in the south, we had some relatives from Texas visit a number of summers ago (hottest summer on record for our area) and they wore sweatshirts and winter jackets the whole time they where up here. In the winter it is frigid and we get lots of snow. Why, you may ask, do we live in such a place? One because it is beautiful all year round, two very low if any crime happens in our little towns, three because we would rather not be able to go to work for 1 day rather then be out of work for many months/years as some in the areas that have been in the news this last year are. All in all it is a great place to live.


Comment - gsmitheman
The following two pictures are toward the back of the house and taken on 1/7/06. The east coast has been spared so far but not as far north as idaiki calls home. I believe thunar said he missed the winters up north. gsmitheman does not miss them one bit ( I generally saw them from the front of a plow or shovel).



What got you started folding?

I started folding a long time ago, got bored, (went inactive), joined MPC forum's, notice blip in MPC mag about folding, Fired up FAH once again, Checked stats on Stanford's site (didn't know about EOC then) notice cool link at top of team page clicked it and the rest is history. I probably wouldn't still be folding if it weren't for the MPC forums and all the users that keep folding fresh. I check out the FAH forum just about every day just to see what is going on with everyone, Like a little bit of Christmas every day, You never know what your going to find. I also love reading the SpotLights, Thanks gsmitheman!

My Grandmother had Cancer (she died from the combination of Cancer and complications with Diabetes), Many of my relatives have Diabetes and some have or have had cancer. So I have very good reasons to Fold, Although I have decided to do this for my late Grand-mom as she was the type that always helped out others and I think it would make her proud to know I am honoring her memory by helping others so that one day someone won't have to go through what she did.

Where are you employed?

I currently work for a Printer/Publisher. I mostly deal with the 4 weekly newspapers and 2 monthly publications our company prints. More narrowly I deal with the advertising side of the paper. I make sure what the advertiser wants and what our designers create are either identical or as close as possible. As you can imagine it requires a lot of computing power to do all this "publishing" stuff. Most of or systems are dual G5's and are "production" machines and they need all the power they can get just to run the programs needed to do the designing and layout (when they aren't doing that they are turned off). So these will not fold. I have been able to convince our CEO/owner, or what ever fancy title you wish to give him, that FAH is a good cause and he has given me the nod to "test" it on a few non-production machines.

If that isn't keeping me busy I also do all our "Big Color" stuff (printing, laminating, mounting, extra large photo's or posters min:11"x17", max:5'x500'). On top of all that I do IT as our only other IT guy (who also wears several other hats like myself but makes the big $) doesn't have time to do everything himself so we work together making sure all the stuff gets done.


On top of all that, I am also part owner of a start up Security Company. I won't go into details because its as I said a start-up company.


I have worked lots of jobs including, paid call fire fighter (shout out to mikemtp as our FD is also our first responder crew.), search and rescue, Wal-Mart cashier, farm hand (potato), electrician, technician (electric company), mechanic, installer (communications/2 way radio's), and web design to name a few.

What other hobbies or interests do you pursue when not folding?

Have lots of hobbies, although not much time to enjoy them all.
During the summer months I like to ride my scooter to work, yea ok it's not a hobby but it sure is fun and cheap.
I also help my step-dad with Tractor Pulling. So far we have won lots of trophies but have also spent lots of time and money perfecting, or as is more often the case, fixing the tractor.
In the winter I love snowmobiling, and this is the greatest place in the world IMO for the sport.
I also like 2 Way radios and am a licensed Amateur radio operator (kb1gky). I enjoy model trains, prefer HO scale but have some N and G stuff to. I also enjoy building things, not normal things like shelves or cupboards; they have all been done before. I like to build new things. Like last summer I refused to pay $100+ for a pedal bike trailer so I got some iron and build myself one for $20 and some parts I had lying around from an old bike.




Also enclosed under our pantry for storage this winter using whatever random materials I could find. Did it all for free rather then going and buying a bunch of plywood and killing trees. I also do most of my own mechanic work until something breaks then I take it to the mechanic only because he has; a garage, heat, and a lift. I on the other hand have no garage, freezing winter temp, a 2-ton floor jack (that sinks in the snow) and a creeper.
I have recently been fixing up/driving an 85 GMC Jimmy, and before anyone calls me a gas wasting turd, the Jimmy was given to me by one of my uncles and it didn't run so for $50 + IL&R (insurance License and Registration) I had it on the road. Can't beat that for a 4-wheel drive.
Anyone noticing a trend here? I hate to spend money and I equally hate to throw out good junk.
Of course I like to work with computers as well, and again I mostly run hand me downs that no one else wants but still run fine. I am currently working on a set of Motorola StarMax 4000/200's. They both needed COSMOS batteries (came in today), HD's, and an OS. I have some extra hard drives laying around, and I am getting an old Mac OS from work as we now run mostly OSX.


How did you learn about computers?

I learned about computers from my dad at first. I still remember the day he came home with our (ok his) first computer. The COMMODORE 64 J. After bugging him to let me try it I was told it was too difficult for me to use (6 or so at the time), as it had to be programmed. After much more begging, from my sister and me, he bought a storage drive of some type (tape I think) for it and programmed a few games for us kids. That was when I first caught the bug. After that we got other computers and I taught myself DOS 6 (read the entire manual, all 300 something pages) then proceeded to learn Windows 3.1, 95, & 98. I loved 3.1 and refused to use 95 for a long time. The jump from 95 to 98 wasn't as bad but the final leap from the "old reliable" 98 to XP was excruciating at first because nothing was where it should have been.
By the time we got Windows 95 I was doing most of the computer setup and install tasks in the house. I also wrote custom config.sys and autoexec.bat files for some of the "new" games to work. Those where the days.
To this day I have yet to learn how to program (too difficult, as my dad said) or so I choose to believe. I do however know networking, building, repairing, and web design to name a few. My happiest moment was 3 years ago when my dad came to me to ask about a new computer. The student has become the master; I ended up building a computer from scratch for him a little better than his specifications for way cheaper then either dell or gateway. He even got a full version of XP Pro, and a 19" LCD for slightly over 1k.

What hardware are you currently running?

At home I currently have 2 Athlon XPs with 1 gig of ram running XP Pro with all the updates and a Pentium 100 running 98SE; at the office I have a 1.8 G5 running OSx. I also have other random computers, all running XP Pro, around the office running under my name but none of them are very fast nor do they stay on long enough to produce much, but they are still working away. As I said before I am working on 2 StarMaxs and they should be folding by the end of the month.
<Warning Mooching Ahead>
If anyone has some "old" systems they don't currently fold feel free to send them my way and I will add them to this list. I might even be nice and let it fold for you, for a while at least.

Do you build your own computers today?

I haven't built or bought a computer since I built dads (over 2 years ago), I don't know if I would still build my own due to the fact it cost more to build then buy right now. So I will have to wait until I get the new computer itch and see what happens (probably will build if its not to many more greenbacks). Both my wife's and my computer where built by me everything else is old so I can't take credit for it.
If I do build I am thinking of something small (like SFF) I have been looking at the Mini Mac's for my wife's new box as Tom (the other IT guy) got one when the first came out and man is that thing tiny! I was thinking of mounting it under the cupboards with a LCD so she could look up recipes and stuff while she is in the kitchen with a wireless keyboard and mouse so she could sit and enjoy it when that rare occasion comes. For myself I believe the bigger and louder it is the better.

Do you overclock any machines?


No over clocking for me, thank you very little. I have had very bad luck trying to OC and have given up on it. I figure if I really need that extra 2MHz I will just build a faster computer rather then mess with OCing. Last time I tried to OC (well actual clock) my main rig it refused to post. Uggg nothing like having to redo Bios again to make you think twice before screwing around in there. <explanation of clock> my main computer thinks it’s a AMD 1800+ when in reality it is a 2400+ (i.e. its massively under clocked) when I try and make it realize it’s something higher (even a small increase) it refuses to post, or on the rare occasion it posts, it freezes at the login screen. It has plenty of power, and lots of cooling (upgraded the cooling just for this reason). It is a simple (I believe) as a bad MB, oh well maybe some day I will by a new board for it, maybe.

What are the main things you use your computers for today?

At home, Folding, besides that I use my computer for email, checking the FAH form, and work related tasks. Don't do much computer gaming anymore as I end up playing "live" games with my son most of the time.
At work, I do lots of things. All the above plus design work (using Quark, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, InDesign, Image Converter, ext), Server Maintenance, network troubleshooting, and advertiser relations/service.

What Broadband provider do you use - are you happy with their service?

Verizon DSL. Yea haven't had to many problems yet. Compared to our local cable internet this is rock solid, cable is full of viruses and hackers. I even got a free wireless router, so when I finally add a laptop to my collection I can use it anywhere in the house without that dang wire.

What do you like most about Folding and the MaximumPC forum?

I have a two-word answer for this:

The People!!!!

Without all of our fellow folders FAH would only be a dream in someone's head, but thanks to all you folders it is a reality.
Also, this forum wouldn't be the same without its members. I believe every good group needs certain types of people to make it successful.
Like a hard worker (Blondie), a jokester (al), a peacemaker and paper shuffler (gsmitheman), a rebel rouser (the monkey boys), inventors/designers (the FAHremote crew), an enforcer (six), and most importantly a production crew (all of you!). It is people like these that make all the gears work and get the jobs done.
If you fit into one of the above but aren’t mentioned sorry, I tried to pick the most "noticeable".

What are your future folding plans?

Just that, to fold into the future with whatever comes my way. (hint hint, see above again)I look forward to moving up the pages until I hit "the wall", moving into the top 30,000 producers for the entire project and beyond.

The day I see the inside of the members only club will be a day to remember for sure. Although by then I think the club will have moved and I will still be on the outside looking in……. ok, in the parking lot looking at the building………ok ok, several miles away on top of a mountain looking though binoculars just to try and catch a glimpse of the roof of the building. (hey I can dream, lol)

idaiki thanks for doing this SpotLight
You really have a busy life up there near our colder border.
We all enjoy your posts and creativity.
This paper shuffler will do his best to keep things interesting.
Enjoy your wonderful family and fold with all you've got - it's overtake season.

*As originally posted by gsmitheman

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 Post subject: SpotLight - Number 17 - chaosdsm
PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2006 4:12 am 
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SpotLight on chaosdsm

chaosdsm started folding on 1/10/06
He has 5131 points
Processors 6/6

Lets meet chaosdsm............... Image

chaosdsm is the folder with the least time folding that has done a SpotLight - No avatar pic yet and still asking questions just days ago.
Thanks for giving us a fresh perspective in a SpotLight.

Where do you call home these days?

I currently live in "Hurricane Centralâ€

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 Post subject: Spotlight - Number 18 - hermsherm
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SpotLight on hermsherm

hermsherm started folding on 5/17/05
He has 198,103 points
Processors 7/7

Lets meet hermsherm............... Image

Where do you call home these days?

Southern Wisconsin is home to me. Madison, to be more exact. I was born and raised just one county South, and that is where most of my family remains. My parent's home is a 20 minute drive, my brother's house is a 40 minute drive, and my sister's house is a 45 minute drive. Family is the main reason why I'm still in Wisconsin. I don't think I could survive without being close to my family.

You're probably thinking, oh, he's from Wisconsin - he hangs out with cows, eats brats and drinks beer all the time.
Actually, yes. My dad and his twin brother owned a dairy farm, and that is where I grew up. They milked 110 - 120 cows twice a day @ 4:00 in a stanchion barn. They sold the farm in 1991, and we moved into town. (town being population 1,100) I then worked on a beef farm for 3 years, then milked cows on a different farm for all 4 years of high school.

I just got married on Dec. 3rd 2005 in Jamaica. I was with my wife for 4 years before we got married. We are very happy with our decision to get married in Jamaica. They treated us very well the entire trip. The ceremony/reception was more than I was expecting. We stayed for a week for our honeymoon, and it was beautiful. The view from our room was perfect.

She has a 6 year old son from her previous marriage who is smart as a whip. I met him when he was 2, and we've been best buds ever since. He is in first grade, and blows our minds every day. He is an excellent reader, he's great at math, and he loves computers. He loves playing any games on the computer. I have RockNESX for those old-school 8 bit Nintendo games, and Snes9XW for those 16 bit Super Ninteno games. He enjoys playing these old games as much as I do. He also loves playing Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup, Sims and Sims2, and he just loves using the annoying sound clips on Yahoo Messenger. I almost forgot to mention Benny, our cat.

Recently married in Jamaica 12/3/05 - Congratulations

View from the room

Smart as a whip son.

Benny the cat

What got you started folding?

I started folding shortly after seeing a small article in MaxPC Magazine. I started with the screen saver version, which was shown in the article. It lasted about 5 minutes -- I hated it. I then went directly to the console version as a service, and haven't looked back. I feel very lucky to say that the diseases we are looking for cures for haven't affected my family. (knock on wood) I think it is a very good and noble cause, and I will not stop. I enjoy the competition, but will fold until a cure is found.

Where are you employed?

I have a BS in Computer Information Systems and work as an "Information Systems Analyst II" (sounds more important than it is) at a health insurance company in Madison. I've actually been with the company for 5 years; I started working there part-time while I was going to college. I am the first line of technical support for a bunch of LPNs, Nurses, and a few MDs.
They review services and decide to approve or deny them based on the member's benefits policy. My department does Case and Disease Management, as well as Population Management. Meaning, the nurses will follow a patient from the very first signs of a disease. They send out educational materials and work directly with the patient's doctors to coordinate care. I support all the hardware and software that they need to do this. I add members and providers to our database, design and run reports, and constantly update software. We just implemented a piece of software so that providers and hospitals can go on the internet to submit precertifications and preauthorizations, and get real-time approvals (if we have a rule setup for that). ie, if diagnosis is pregnancy, and service is C-section, then approve 3 days. We're also working on implementing some predictive modeling software that will predict who will get sick (based on claims that we've received), so we can catch diseases early and intervene before they get symptoms.

I also spent some time programming at work. Although the group I was in was prepared to work on any function for the telcos, we were most successful with software which allowed them to modify subscriber line options and hardware options on the switches that everyone's home telephone connects to. It took hundreds of forms for them to control everything necessary to get your service functional and maintain everything that was necessary. It's great when you enjoy your work.

What other hobbies or interests do you pursue when not folding?

I used to enjoy snowmobiling, but as I get older, it seems we have less snow each year, and the snowmobiles seem to grow old at twice the rate I do. Hopefully someday I can get a new one. In the summer I enjoy water-skiing. I like to slalom, ski, behind "the family boat" - it's my dad's boat, pretty old, but still floats! I went water-skiing while in Jamaica as well - quite an experience. We enjoy camping as a family - usually just at a local state park with a lake. We enjoy the outdoors, just relaxing, watching the campfire, and having some barley sodas.

Water skiing in Jamaica

Favorite camping spot

Another favorite camping spot

Pic last Halloween

How did you learn about computers?

When I was in grade school, my teacher got an Apple II E in her classroom. I don't really remember what software there was for it; I just remember the different shades of green. Maybe the next year, my teacher got an Apple II GS. It wasn't long, and I was staying inside during recess to play "The Oregon Trail". I know there were a couple other games, but I don't remember what they were.

Then, my brother, who is 6 years older that me, got a home computer. I think it was 386 running @ 20 Mhz or so. (gosh, does that sound right? I can't recall!) He let me screw around on it, and I began learning DOS. I remember getting a couple of games that were several 3.5" floppy disks in size; what a thought! Several years later, my sister (who is 3 years older than me) and I went in on a computer together. I think that was a 486 @ 40 Mhz. Around this time, our school got a computer lab.

They were some sort of IBM thin clients; Each time you logged in, it would load Windows 3.1 over the network. I remember that I had a computer class after lunch, so we would go login before lunch; that way, Windows was loaded by the time we got to class. Otherwise you would waste 20 minutes of class waiting for Windows to load. While in high school, my interest in computers kept growing. My high school got a much better computer lab, and I would help out the network admin. It was a Novell network with the computers running Windows 9x (I can't remember if it was 95 or 98 at the time. I took all the computer classes my school had, and I was president of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).

I was obsessed with computers; I was the only person in my town (population 1100) with a CD burner. Back in those days, the Lycos FTP search was all you needed to find and download all the music you could ever want. I "went into business" burning music CDs for friends. $10 per CD -- that was a pretty good deal, considering the time it would take me to make a CD. I was on dial-up, downloading overnight (so my parents could use the phone during waking hours). I would download the MP3 files, then when I was ready to burn a CD, I had to convert them to .WAV files manually. Then to burn at a speed of 2x, my computer could not be used for anything else or the buffer would disappear. Still, I loved it.

I graduated high school and moved to Madison to start at a technical college the very next week. The college I went to had trimesters, so they go year-round. By doing this, I was able to get a Bachelor's degree in 3 years.

What hardware are you currently running?

Intel P4 3.0 Ghz
ATI Radeon 9600
Sony 8x DVD+-RW
LiteOn 52x CDRW DVD
Maxtor 80 GB SATA HDD
SoundBlaster Live 5.1

Do you build your own computers today?

No I have never built a computer from scratch (except for in my A+ certification class). I normally buy one and then upgrade as needed. Right now I have an ABS computer from www.abspc.com. I have never had a problem with them, so I've had no reason to change. They sometimes advertise in MaxPC Magazine, but I bought from them for years before I found out about MaxPC.

Do you overclock any machines?

No. I have never had the guts to overclock. I am scared that since I have only OEM equipment, it will overheat and melt down.

What are the main things you use your computers for today?

Folding is first and foremost, always running as a service, normally chewing on a QMD. Besides that, I just email and browse the Internet. I enjoy playing some games, as I mentioned above.

What Broadband provider do you use - are you happy with their service?

I have a cable modem from Charter cable. I've had Charter cable for over 5 years and overall, I am happy with the service.
The only time I had problems, it was the wiring in my apartment. The one we live in now has been great for almost 2 years.

According to my bill, I have 384K down/128K up. Down comes pretty close, but the upload always seems slow. According to bandwidthplace.com I'm getting 365.9 k down, and 44.7 k up. I would like to subscribe to their higher level of service, but it gets very expensive. Right now with this level of service and expanded basic tv, my bill is $90/month! Maybe once I get a new HDTV I'll move up to the next level as a bundle.

What do you like most about Folding and the MaximumPC forum?

The people at this forum are very friendly and helpful. I've never been put down or made fun of at this forum. I have lurked in quite a few forums over the years, and I am happy to call this one 'home'. Other forums are too often flame wars and never accomplish anything. I visit this forum daily; I don't post very often, but I am always around, keeping up on the latest in folding news.

What are your future folding plans?

I will continue on folding until I die. My 7 CPUs that Stanford shows are: my home PC, 2 at work, and the rest are family. If I am able to recruit more, then I will. I had at least one person folding for cure_seekers; I'm not sure if they're still active though.

hermsherm thanks for doing a great SpotLight.
"Continue folding until you die". VJ may not be doing it that long.
Looks to me like Wisconsin raises some good people along with all those dairy cows.
Congratulations on your recent marriage and thanks for sharing some pictures with us.
Your son and Benny the cat both look like a handful (GM will probably like the cat the best - he's predictable that way).

*As originally posted by gsmitheman

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SpotLight on DanAmrich

DanAmrich started folding on 12/10/04
He has 384,847 points
Processors 8/7

Lets meet DanAmrich............... Image

Where do you call home these days?

The beautiful Bay Area of California, where it's 70 and breezy from February to October, then rains like crazy. I grew up in New Jersey, moved to Brooklyn for a few years (go Knicks), and found my way out to San Mateo, just south of San Francisco, in 1996. I'm very happily married, having just celebrated 10 years with my wife Katrin (a Mac addict--eeewwwww) and two cats are about all the family I think I can handle. I just turned 35 this month. We're hoping to find a house soon but the housing market here is insane. Plus, I keep wasting our money on computer crap.

Sadie and Nicodemus - both adopted from shelters

What got you started folding?

I was a SETI junkie for a while, which introduced me to the concept of distributed computing and the friendly competition therein, but I actually started folding because of Maximum PC. I didn't know about the project before seeing it in the forums, and I thought, gee, I leave my PCs on 24/7 anyway; why not do something with it? I went with folding over other distributed projects because I simply felt like this was more tangible, more immediate. Even the thought that we might make a serious disease more treatable if not curable within my lifetime was certainly worth my clock cycles. The life I save could very well be my own!

Where are you employed?

I'm actually your folding mole within Future US, the publishers of Maximum PC. I joined the company to work on custom projects surrounding video games a little over a year ago; I helped make some brochures for Microsoft's Xbox 360 and wrote special holiday "magalog" for Circuit City last year. But since my experience is mostly in video game editorial (I started writing reviews professionally in 1993 and spent seven years at GamePro magazine under the nickname Dan Elektro, where I received my own action figure!) I jumped at the chance to join Future's new gaming website, GamesRadar, where I'm the senior editor in charge of Xbox and PC stuff. We're planning to launch in March; you can get a sneak peek at beta.gamesradar.com.

But this also means that I get to bask in the reflected glory of Maximum PC, since I work upstairs from the team, and occasionally I get invited into the lab and see what projects Gordon, Mike, and Josh are currently extinguishing. (A few months ago, I got to see the Dream Machine while it was being built and benchmarked--and yes, one of the four cores was folding!) I have also had the pleasure of losing money to Will Smith in the weekly office poker game, which I maintain is just a rumor, in case our CEO is reading this.


GuestOnTechTVCallForHelp - Back in 2002 I was invited to appear on the post-Christmas "Call For Helpathon" on TechTV. I had a few minutes on air talking about some of the big game releases that year and offered a few gameplay tips for anybody who'd just gotten the games as a gift and might be stuck. That's me in the green shirt about 5 minutes before we went live.

CampingOutForPSP - Yep, I could preorder every new game system, but what fun is that? Sleeping outside in the cold is where you meet people. This was for the Sony PSP launch last year, but I did it again for Xbox 360.

What other hobbies or interests do you pursue when not folding?

Too many things! Since my job is gaming, that's spread to include not only lots of home consoles but also three arcade machines. One is NBA Hangtime, in which I'm a secret character--try the code AMRICH 2020 and you'll see my head wearing bunny ears. Thankfully my wife is also a gamer so she only asks that I keep my collection of gaming crap organized.

I got the guitar bug in high school, fell deeply in love with the instrument on both musical and aesthetic levels, and have now lost count of how many I've acquired. Since my wife plays bass, I think we're up to about 20 guitars and basses in the house, none of which are black. (If any fellow guitar geeks out there want to talk shop or want a detailed list, PM me!) I love 'em all but the main rarities are a 1984 Les Paul Custom--my first guitar, of all things, bought for $700 the day after I graduated high school--and my ultimate crossover between guitars and gaming, a Fernandes UJL-2000, which is a real-world re-creation of the guitar seen in the Sony video game Um Jammer Lammy. I've had that one majorly upgraded and I now use it on stage.

Yep, I'm in a band--an 80s cover band called Fast Times ( www.fasttimes80s.com ). I don't look like a singer, but I share lead vocal duties with a lovely and talented woman known only as Chynna. We play public and private shows around the Bay Area on the weekends. I also do occasional voice work on the side (www.playrecordpaws.com) and did some singing in Simlish for The Sims: Bustin' Out.

I took up juggling in high school and quickly got dangerous with it. My weapons of choice are torches, but I'll juggle just about anything as long as it's on fire. In 18 years of juggling, I've burned myself just once, and that was, um, recently.

I didn't even get to the part where I dress up like a Ghostbuster. These and other hobbies are archived on my personal website, www.bunnyears.net. It even includes an explanation of the domain name...

CoinOps - Welcome to my garage. Everything's set to free play! NBA Hangtime, a Tetris (which used to be a Pit Fighter before I rebuilt the control panel) and a 1-slot Neo-Geo.



How did you learn about computers?

My dad was a systems analyst--a debugger--for McGraw-Hill back in NJ. He worked in COBOL on massive Honeywell mainframes; I have fond memories of going to work with him on snow days, fetching him the right magnetic tapes for the giant reels, drawing on wide tractor-feed paper, and using punch cards as bookmarks (or to level a table leg in the house!). I had a TI-99/4A growing up (Dad wisely chose that 16K model over the 5K VIC-20) and I attempted some BASIC programming when I wasn't trying to figure out the latest Scott Adams text adventure, but things got interesting when the first XT clone, an Epson, came into the house. A monochrome monitor and a 1200 baud Hayes modem were all I needed to start tying up the family phone line for good. Before long I was a co-sysop on some WWIV boards and...well, you probably lived the rest, too.

What hardware are you currently running?

In preparation for Doom 3 and Half-Life 2 about 18 months back, I retired my Athlon XP 2100+ rig (it's now my wife's MMO machine) and built an Athlon 64 3400+ in a Sonata case. I wanted a machine that could handle both serious gaming and be able to quiet enough for direct-to-disk voice and guitar recording projects--and of course I wanted to do it as cheaply as I could. I had just joined Future at the time so I scoured as many issues of Maximum PC as I could, and sure enough wound up going with an MSI mobo that Gordon recommended. I've been thrilled; it's the best and most stable system I've ever built.

When Will mentioned in passing that replacing all the CRTs in his house with LCDs lowered his power bills by a significant amount, my wife said "Guess what we're doing with this year's tax refund?" And if the lady tells me to buy two Dell 2405FPWs, who am I to argue? I had to upgrade to a GeForce 6800 GS in the process, but she didn't mind because she inherited my Radeon 9800 Pro for World of Warcraft and City of Heroes.

Do you build your own computers today?

Yep--the three I've built over the last few years were all AMDs, at first because of price, but lately I'm just thrilled with how well they run. That said, when it comes to prefabs, I have no problems with Dell. I prefer to save the money and retain all the power and understanding of how my machine works, though, so I prefer to build now--I can't imagine going back. I've thought of building a shuttle just for convenience.

Do you overclock any machines?

No; I'm always nervous about what could go wrong. The Athlon XP is on a Soyo KT-333 Dragon Ultra board that's just screaming for it, but the system is unstable at the moment, random reboots etc, even though I did a full reinstall of XP Pro and tested the memory. I am deathly afraid of ruining or reducing the stability of something that I cannot live without.

What are the main things you use your computers for today?

Gaming is tops, but I maintain a few hobby websites, and of course, there's work, which is a bit of both. When I record, it's with the Sonic Foundry/Sony SoundForge suite. I have F@H installed as a service on both machines, plus a my P4 and my wife's dual-proc Mac G5 at the office.

What Broadband provider do you use - are you happy with their service?

I've been broadband since @Home, which became AT&T, which became Comcast. My outages were pretty bad in the early days but it's amazingly stable now, and my wife and I can play MMOs simultaneously without lag. To me, that's worth it.

What do you like most about Folding and the MaximumPC forum?

You never know what you're going to get when you join a new web community, but I was knocked out by how helpful and welcoming everybody was, and I still am. Every question I had about folding was answered without a single "stfu n00b" retort. Everybody has to learn somewhere, and I think I can learn anything just by asking at the forum.

What are your future folding plans?

I am thrilled that I clawed my way into the top 50, so I'd like to stay there--but I see a lot of young guns rising the ranks just below me, so I'm gonna have to work at it. At one point, with a lot of machines at work, I had 11 processors running, but I'm down to between five and seven now. I'd love to get that number up again and try to catch Dan O'Connell again, at whom I shook a mighty get-off-my-lawn fist when he passed me last week. I'll get you yet, Other Dan!

Dan thanks very much for doing this SpotLight
You have an amazing bunch of hobbies and a great job to work at every day.
You may have influenced the career choice of a lot of gamers on the team.
I know of at least one and probably two folks that will likely take you up on the offer to PM you and talk guitars.
Probably many more on the team would also but haven't joined the forum (see what you're missing lurkers).

*As originally posted by gsmitheman

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