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 Post subject: ACK! No POST! Please help
PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 6:02 pm 

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Hi, I'd just like to say thanks in advance to anyone that replies to this, because I'm really desperate.
Okay, first of all, this is about the computer I'm building/built. Yes, it is my first home-brew computer (I'm 16), but I don't really think of myself as a n00b- I've done lots of stuff with computer hardware before, and I'm actually the current tech guy for this local charity organization where peopel bring in old shit (and yes, I mean shit, PII's are a regular) computers, and I have to fix them up/mix and match parts together to put them into working conditions to give out to local needy families.

Anywho, I finally got aroudn to getting together all teh parts for building MY computer:
MB: Intel D875PBZ
CPU: Presc(h)ott 3.2 GHZ 478 pin
Heatsink/CPU fan: Thermaltake Spark 7+
Video card: ATI Radeon X800 Pro
Ram: 512 mg Infineon (from a friend, to be upgraded to 1 gig matched kingston/crucial when I get some money. which should I get?!?! kingston or crucial?)
Soundcard: when I get some money
Monitor: 19 CRT from local charity I work at! (who says charity work doesn't pay)
Harddrives: 2 80 gig SATA Seagates barracudas to be set up in Raid 0
Case: Antec Solution series SLK2650-BQE w/ 350 watt smartpower supply

(and 1 floppy drive + 1 CD drive)

anywho, I got all teh parts assembled, plugged everything in, etc etc etc (I'm fairly confident I did everything right...)
I plugged in the monitor and PSU, yada yada yada, and turned on the switch on the power supply, which cased a little green light on the MO to light up and stay lit, if thats of any importance...then the moment of truth-
I popped the power button on the front of the computer, and all the fans and everything started whirring for about 1-2 seconds, and then died off. I tried againa dn again, and everytime they would start up and then die down right away. So then I tried the standard approach- I stripped it down to just the CPU, RAM, and MO. same thing. Then I even tried taking out the ram. same thing. I plugged the video card back in, no good. I even tried this old TNT2 video card I had kcikin around, and no go again!. After toying around for a really long time, plugging stuff in, unpluggign stuff, turning on and off, all of a sudden it started up! The fans started and CONTINUED running happily. And BTW I'm about 99% sure that when it started up, it was in a configuration I had already tried...but whatever. Anyways, after it started up, nothing appeared ont eh monitor still! It jsut sat there glaring at me, and I know it isn't the monitor, because after that I tried hooking up all sorts of different monitors, and none of them wokred. I even tried the monitor that I'm looking at RIGHT NOW as I type this (on the family computer). Anyways, I turned off the PSU, and plugged some more stuff back into the power supply...and got the orginal deal. started up, then went dead again. So of course I disconnected all that stuff again, and rebooted...but still the 1-2 secs then nothing. Ugh. After tyoing around for about 1/2 an hour, all of a sudden it started up agian! fans whirring and everything! This process has repeated itself at LEAST 5 times now, not working, then working, then not working, then working. I think It has SOMETHING to do with me turning on and off the power supply, because if I just turn off the computer with the power button on the front, if it previosly didnt work, no matter what I do, it still wont work, whereas if it previosly WAS working, and I dont kill the manual switch ont eh power supply, and use the front power button, it'll continue running after I reboot, even witht eh beastly video card and everythign else hooke dup, soi it DEFF isn't just a lakc of power. Anyways, I've tried everything, poppong out the CMOS battery , changing the BIOS jumper, all that ####, and I STILL cant get anything to come up on screen! and soemtimes the computer wills till go back to the original state if I kill PSU power, but soemtimes it will stay happy! I have NO CLUE whats causing that.
Oh, and on top of ALL that (ugh, you're really going to kill me), at one point When I had power up and running and everything to the comp, I decided I didn't feel liek powering down (even with the fornt panel power button) before plugging the molex power into my CD drive again...so I bring the connector over towards it, and when they're about to touch, or maybe just had, theres a big ZAP, and a mini blue lighting bolt...uh-oh. The whoel computer dies down, and I kill PSU power....wait a few minutes, and boot back up...case #1, 1-2 secs fan power, and then dies down. after fiddling around soem more, I actually managed to get the fans to keep going, so it at least APPEARS that all systems are go still, the box will sit there happily running for as long as I want until I shut it down, but still NOTHING ON SCREEN! ON ANY OF THE MONITORS. NO POST, NO BIOS. NOTHING.
P.S.- it just occured to me, after another hour of searching online for a solution prior to posting (yuk yuk) this message and bugging you all to unplus the CMOS battery and leave it that way for like 20 mins. previosly I always just popped it out, waited like 5 secs, and put it back in...I'll come back and reply after I see how that goes.

P.P.S.- no beeps ever.

Now to just hit the big POST button...ah the irony...

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 8:21 pm 

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Take your motherboard out of your Case and check your standoffs, make sure they are only where you have screw holes to mount the MB.
It sound like you have a electrical short problem somewhere it may be the stand offs or some other area. Try setting it up outside the case you can use the antstatic bag the MB came in set your MB on it hook only the bare essintials up (MB, Video, Ram, PSU and monitor) and see what you get. If it boots to bios and you see the video on the monitor then you know for sure it was a short .
The only thing I would be concerned about is no matter what your original problem was you may have blown one or more parts with your troubleshooting. If so RMA them and when you get your new part or parts set it up outside the case first to test it before you mount it in place.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 8:40 pm 
iron colbinator
iron colbinator
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I cleaned up your language a little bit. We don't mind a fuck here or there, but preferably not in the thread titles and poll options.

Thanks and good luck with your issue :)

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 8:57 pm 
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Heatsink isn't set right and is shutting off to keep processor from overheating

Short with the motherboard

Videocard may not be seated right or something like that

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 9:33 am 

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What the above 2 posters said is very possible, but also, check the back of your power supply, their should be a red switch that says 115 on it, if this says 230, then that is your problem, as that setting is for DC power (what they use in europe) whereas the 115 is for AC power. Ive done this once myself, and yes all that happens is your computer turns on for a few seconds and turns off.

Also, really make sure your processor is seated properly, and the heatsink is locked on it tight. If not, your computer will boot up for about 4-10 seconds and shut down without any video.

Also, ive done this serveral times for troubleshooting...your motherboard comes in a antistatic sleeve, with some foam usually. I place my motherboard on the foam or you can even place it on the box it came it and run your mobo on that.

If you have done this, and no video still, try another video card. If that doesnt work there are a few possibilities.

a) sounds like you got a cheap antec case with a built in PSU. I have seen so many cheap ass built in PSU's die in peoples computers over the years its become sickening. Do yourself a favor and spen some cash on a thermaltake or enermax PSU, they have good PSU's in the 350-400w range for 30-50$ at newegg.

b)your motherboard could just be shot, I have also seen motherboards simply shipped as bad mobos. I install everything, nothing happens, do all the troubleshooting, get a new mobo, and blam, everything starts without a hitch.

c)I am not sure with PCIe cards these days, but is your X800 card AGP or PCIe? Im not sure what the ramifications of plugging your PCIe card into a regular PCI slot is, but with the voltage variances, im sure it could possibly tweak out your mobo......

Sidenote: relax a bit, you will get it figured out =)

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