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 Post subject: How do you know which part of your PC needs upgrading?
PostPosted: Sat Oct 19, 2013 10:09 am 

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I recently started modding games, particularly Skyrim.
I have:
I5 750 Intel Processor 2.67GHz
GForce GTX 560Ti Graphic Card
6GBs of RAM (3x2)

Normally I can play the game on Ultra High but since i added so many mods the game started lagging a lot in certain parts and freezing.
I thought I needed to get a better graphic card but I uninstalled all graphic mods and even lowered the graphic down to high and then to medium, and it helped a little on some parts of the game, but on other I still get massive lag and freezing, particularly areas with a lot of things or when i get into fights with a lot of enemies.

So for example lets say I get attacked by over 5 enemies when i have 3 or 4 followers o when I'm in a area with a lot of people the game becomes unplayable and choppy no matter what my graphic settings are. I also noticed if I alt+tab out of the game and then tab back in the game plays a LOT smoothing, with very little lag (thought it keeps the cursor arrow in game which is distracting and annoying).
On the other hand if I have graphics to the on Ultra High with all the graphics mods, i do notice some FPS drop and some small lagging during slow parts of the game (Walking on a road or field with not much on it) but nothing choppy until I get into places with a lot of objects and then it gets choppy and freezes a lot like usual.

So I'm ready to upgrade some components but I'm not sure what I need to fix my problem, given the fact the lowering graphics doesn't really do much and that it's large number of objects on screen (lots of enemies or walking on a street with lots of shops and NPCs) which causes the lag/freezing, is it more RAM that i need? Or is it a better processor? Or are the symptoms misleading me and i really do need a better graphic card? I used to have 8GBS of ram but 1 of my sticks died and i did noticed some performance drop, thought I had no mods back then so it wasn't that much.

If anyone has any suggestions or tips to help me figure out exactly which part i need to upgrade I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

 Post subject: Re: How do you know which part of your PC needs upgrading?
PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 9:56 pm 

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Judging by what you posted about your specs, It leads me to believe the problems lies with your graphics card. When you start modding games with different things (especially texture packs) Vram ( the amount of ram your card has) gets used more and more. I would suggest upgrading to a video card that has at least 2gb of vram if you intend to heavily mod games. Also, try to get another 2 gig stick of ram to replace the one that died, so that the you can go back to two sets of Dual channel memory.

 Post subject: Re: How do you know which part of your PC needs upgrading?
PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 11:08 pm 

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Mods start doing things on a system level if you have a lot of them. For instance, if you have a lot of graphics mods, then the GTX 560 Ti isn't equipped to handle it as the VRAM kind of low. I had two in SLI and even though it should play the game like nothing, it stuttered a lot. I upgraded to a 2GB card and there was no stuttering whatsover.

RAM has nothing to do with it, the game is a 32-bit game so unless you're crashing because you're hitting the 4GB wall, it won't do much. And you already have plenty.

The CPU may have something to do with it since a lot of benchmarks show the better CPU wins out in Skyrim benchmarks.

And finally, I don't know how assets are swapped in and out of game, but your hard drive speed could also be doing it because seek times add up and it starts stuttering (though defragging should take care of this)

But we'll start with the graphics card.

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