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 Post subject: System already built, need graphics card advice.
PostPosted: Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:41 pm 

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Hi Folks,
I recently built a new rig, but ran out of money before I got the graphics card. Finances now being back in order I was considering getting a GTX 760 of some flavor but am open to suggestions. I don't really have a budget in mind, I would rather save up a bit longer to get a good match for my system but also I don't want to get more than I need. Other than FPS and driving games I do a bit of content creation/ video editing etc.

My system as it stands:
Intel i7-4770
Asrock Z87 Pro4
16Gb Kingston Hyper X DDR3 1600mHz
Samsung 840 Pro SSD System Disk
WD Green 1TB Storage Disk
Samsung DVD Drive
Corsair TX650 PSU
All in a fractal design R4 case and running Windows 8 Pro

All my cooling is currently stock and I haven't done any overclocking.

What's would the best fit be?



 Post subject: Re: System already built, need graphics card advice.
PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:29 am 
Boy in Black
Boy in Black
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Pete, allow me to put my arm around you and look back on your build first. Besides some FPS and shooters, you never got the video card you really wanted. But you now want more power in those and also create content "a bit". That's some cryptic bullshit dude. This is hindsight build vision 20/20. Do you need 4+4 cores for games? Do you need that for content? Yup, i7 was overkill and $100 over an i5 Sandy would have done very well.

I digress and sorry I couldn't help you build and budget this prior: I really feel you want an AMD video card and what you can afford if you have $300 or more. "A Good Match" would be another $700 card you don't use like you'll never use an i7 CPU...and don't take an insult out of that at all. I'm just toying with the verbiage of "Matching". You over spent on some stuff bro and left something critical to your usage out. I won't ponder why here but it's in my mind.

Find what you can spend (and perhaps tell us after that spending spree), and it's more than likely an AMD video card that you want to use. Mention your screen(s) and all that and it will be more than a peter measuring contest that we're helping you with here. The base build hurt so much that you had to wait on a video card. If you have $600 now, I guess a 7990 will be what you buy as that's the best card out there in that price range.

What's exactly not working with your gaming or the pro level software that costs a lot of money too that is letting you down currently? Could you survive with a Craigslist GTX560Ti for $80 a pop? If you want reassurance of the highest video card you can get, you won't get it from anyone sane or with any technical background into this topic. I see flaws in your build so just buy what you want. Whatever money you have, spend it all.

 Post subject: Re: System already built, need graphics card advice.
PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2013 5:53 pm 
Little Foot
Little Foot

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While i cannot entirely disagree with Chummy I will say a 760 should be fine if i am reading all the bench marks right unless you happen to be wanting to max out everything AA included on 1080P and want 60FPS. But barring such a silly notion a 760 can play games at decent res fairly well without sending you into budgetary insanity like your build did.

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